hi everyone ..coming your way soon and would like some advice

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  1. hi everyone ..thanks for taking the time to read this . im hoping some of you will be able to help with some advice for a trip I have planned this October . 2 of us are coming to Thailand and hope to spend a few weeks touring on bikes . we are both experienced riders on/off road and have ridden here before (on road). the plan so far consists of meeting in Bangkok and then move on (a little vague as plans go I know ) what im hoping for is to hire some endure type bikes and travel around with as much offroad as possible and see the non tourist side of Thailand .I was thinking of starting out from patya . but open to suggestions . questions I have are ,will we be able to hire enduro bikes without having a set hotel ?, can anyone suggest any good routes ? ,will we find accommodation away from the main tourist towns ?...im sure I have loads more questions but its a start ... any help will be great. thanks dean
  2. Two pieces of advice. One is to do some reading around this site and the main site pages outside the forum which will have the information you want. The other advice is to fly up to Chiang Mai where there are several shops that will hire you road legal off road bikes and you have a very large area of off road terrain within easy reach.
  3. Most of your questions will be answered when doing a bit of research. This site has loads of info. More than you ever imagined.
  4. Suddyktm
    The best place to start for an info guide is here

    You say that you want to see the "non tourist side of Thailand," so the first thing would be to avoid Pattaya.

    You can rent a bike in Bkk here

    but the BEST place to rent & ride from is Chiang Mai, where all the best riding is = North Thailand.
    and for North Thailand you can start planning here
  5. hi thanks for your reply and info .. I was only going to use pattaya as a start/finish point but now think I will take your advice and head to chiang mai. im not to keen on riding in Bangkok so don't think I will hire from their also im hoping I will get a better price on rental up north . cheers once again and owe you a beer if your around in oct .dean

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