Hi, from finally made it to Chiang Mai after 24 years!

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  1. Hi all, Martin here, been an ex-pat in Thailand many years, fell in love with Chiang Mai in 1988 and have been a frequent visitor but until now various items like wives, business, Bangkok, Pattaya, return trips to Blighty, work etc etc have kept getting in my way and putting the kibosh on my longed for move...... but finally made it!

    Some of you may get to see me piloting a fully dressed white H-D Ultra, a classic GL1100 Interstate or a Yellow "Devil" XJR1200 (she's NOT a banana Ed!) all over North Thailand's twisty bits and I hope to be able to contribute to the forum with some photo trip reports, anecdotes and banter so...... see you around! :D

  2. Welcome to the forum and life in Chiang Mai. Looking forward to seeing you out on one of your distinctive bikes. If you keep an eye out here you will find regular events, such as Toy Rides, GT dinners, concerts and other rides. Join in and you will meet a good number of other local riders. Maybe a bit quiet at the moment due to wet weather, but even now a visit to the X-Centre, especially for bike or F1 races on TV Sunday evenings, is worthwhile and draws a number of bikers.
  3. Hi Martin, Welcome to Chiang Mai! Sorry about the Weather at the Moment! Call in and See Us at the X-Centre anytime. As John said We watch most of the Motorsports? A few of Us have Harleys as well as other Bikes so maybe You can join Us for a Trip sometime. Also try the Euro Dinner in town on Ratchawithi Road, a few of the Guys hang out there, Great Food and Drinks!
  4. Welcome Martin to the club !! Just browse the Forum and you'll find loads of useful information here, especially trip reports about Northern areas you should immediately make yourself familiar with. Of course there's much 'after the ride activity' which I hope you'll join too. This forum lives from it's members and their contributions, so happy to see a frist tripreport by you soon :thumbup: , cheers, Franz
  5. Gday & welcome "home" Martin.

    If you haven't looked already, lot's of starting tips & info here


    If you want to meet up with a few guys & get some "insider tips" check out the guys at Euro Diner & at the X-Centre. There are usually a few Harley Riders at the X-Centre on Sundays too.

    There's a couple of good events in November.
    The TJ-Siinthai Memorial Ride to MHS is a lot of fun, plus it should be combined with the 2nd MHS International Music Night. You don't want to miss these.
  6. Thank you for the welcoming words Gentlemen..... I'm feeling "at home" already!

    Got another fortnight here before work beckons again (28/28 rotation, in Cairo this time around), next week will be doing a small recce for a couple overnight stops for the club annual December tour. Our usual favourite the Thaton Chalet is not answering the phone so I'll head on up there to see if they're open for business, if not I'll book the Khunmai Baan Suan Resort (anyone stayed there?) and then over to Chiang Khong: I've heard good things about the Ruan Thai Sophaphun Resort..... and of course that gives me the 1155 to play on coming home! :thumbup:

    The Stable:


    I've gotta say I am really enjoying the XJR1200.... she probably cost me a wee bit over the odds (was bog standard & needed a lot of tlc) but I've not had so much fun on a raw streetbike since way back when on a GSX1100E, and am really looking forward to using her up here. The Big White Pig is a trooper.... think we've done all but 3 provinces in the last 8 years.... she loves the twisty bits and is well at home up here in Chiang Mai, and the '81 Gold Wing Interstate was a "barn find" that is being spruced up with a re-spray down in Pattaya at the moment. I owned a couple of GL's back in Blighty and I'd forgotten how comfortable they are, so she'll be brought out for some nice sedate potters around.... you have an OAP's day outing?

  7. Martin
    The Tha Ton Chalet has closed & in Chiang Khong Sophaphan's is now in bit of a dump having passed it's use by date & is in a state of decline.

    For a bit of a help you might want to check out these GT Rider Accommodation Recommendations to see what other rider's are using.
  8. Thanks for that David: I had a feeling the Thaton Chalet closed. Shame, because we always had great fun there with a well organised bbq buffet and bonfire party in the evening. Ah well.
    I love the look of the Apple River Villa but with only 11 bungalows total they may not want to book all out to us...... I'll go ask.
    Chiang Khong..... I like the look of Tammila but again, it depends on how many rooms a place has, we usually have between 10 and 16 bikes.
  9. Sounds a bit like a full on tour then 10-16 bikes...
    in Ck you might want to try this relatively new place
    Chiang Khong Teak Garden Hotel

    I would also consider spending a night in Doi Mae Salong rather than Tha Ton.
    But up to you.
  10. Yep, I'll go along with that, Little Home looks about right! The Chiang Khong Teak Garden Hotel looks great too, it may be a toss-up between that and the Namkhong Riverside Hotel if you advise the Sophaphan is not worth it. Still, nice easy recce next week for a few days on the Pig with the missus, should be nice and it's always good to get the hotels and after-dark festivities nailed down!

    The Club's December tour is full-on, we are always away for 10 nights and Chiang Mai is the target for every tour. This year we're doing Chonburi - Si Sawat - Mae Sot - Mae Hong Son - Thaton - Chiang Khong - Chiang Mai - Petchabun - Chonburi with a couple nights in MHS and a three nights in Chiang Mai...... the most we've had was 17 bikes, every one 2-up so you can imagine the evening bbq parties we had along the way on that one!

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