Hidden Cambodia - New photos up

Sep 22, 2004
Greetings from www.hiddencambodia.com, Hidden Cambodia Dirt Bike Tours, Siem Reap

We finally got half organsied in the photos department and posted the "Experienced Riders Week" in Jan 05 as well as some of the other trips of the season.

We are going on until the end of June and then starting in Aug again so check in every now and again as we've got the hang of it now!!!
These will give you a great idea of Preah Vhear, Anlong Veng, Bakan & Koh Ker as well as the terrain and conditions.

Best regards, ride free, ride safe

Ride Free, Ride Safe into the Hidden Cambodia


Jan 3, 2004
I'll pass on that after my 3 week stay in the states! weather here turning very hot. as for updates, koh kong road graded again and a little faster. told the roads in the north have become sand pits and ofcourse dust bowls. chinese doing a runway between stung treng and kratcheh. you might consider importing your bike! one guy did the trip easily in a day on his africa twin and took the long way thru snoul. mondolkiri looking good as an escape from the heat but the country is partched and I am afraid the waterfalls are not really flowing. havent hit the road yet since my return but the boys are planning ratanakiri over kh nyrs and I am thinking thailand late may via the NW bkk pttya koh kong and back. surely you have some time.
Jun 16, 2004

Will you be around this weekend (19th-20th)? I'm planning a short trip up to Bokor Mtn but curious about some of the back roads in Kampot-Bokor-Kampong Trach-Vietnam border area. I'll pop in for a Lao or 2 on saturday.