Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 1

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  1. Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 1

    This year i wanted to go north thailand but when i listen 7C in the night time i change and go to the south.
    The VIP Bus from Pattaya to Koh Phangan costs 1188 baht plus 220 baht fery to phangan.
    The bus start at 8.30 p.m. and arrived in Don Sak (Ferry) at 10.30 a.m. In Koh Phangan i rent a Automatik Honda for 150 baht/day and start all tours from there. Koh Phangan is good island for bikers because not to much traffic and a beautiful landscape with some dirt roads. Here some places where i drove in south thailand:

    There are many great and beautiful places in thailand where you pay only a little bite money or nothing. Most of this places are better than the popular and expensive ones.

    Koh Phangan Island Tours
    I did many tours on the island: The dirt road to Bottle beach, the difficult dort road to Haad Yao East witch have only 1 resort now and a second one is under construction and the dirt road to Haad Yuan. All roads was in a good condition and possible to drive with a Honda Wave for experienced driver. One of my friends have a CRF 250 and he had a lot of fun. The way to Haad Yao East start in Ban Tai and first direction to Thong Nai Pan. After some km turn right to Tharn Praphat Waterfall. Again after some km a crossing, right down.
    This is the road Ban Tai - Thong Nai Pan:

    This is the road to Haad Yao East

    Haad Yao East


    A bungalow of Paradise Beach Bungalow Resort

    They have also tents for rent


    Phone and e-mail

    This is the second resort, now under construction

    After the Haad Yao East visit I drive to Tharn Praphat Waterfall/Beach. Last year russians want to make a street to this beach for make partys, but they make only one party. Now the road is broken and at the bar on the beach is nobody, so it is a quiet beach same before.



    Near the beach a local home with a small monkey

    The way to the Bottle Beach is in every map and easy to find.

    But near this way is a wonderful viewpoint, not easy to find. Coordinates: N9.788848 E100.040603


  2. Beautiful!

    Havent been to Koh Phagnan in many years but still looks idyllic and unspoiled!

    Spent a few unforgettable days at bottle beach in the late 90's when the road there was quite treacherous and preferred way in was by boat.

    Your post brings back some great memories! Thank you!!!
  3. Nice report and great pictures!

    Yes, Koh Phangan can be an interesting place to visit.... usually better to avoid the Full Moon Party, time of month, as there are a few too many drunks on some of the roads, especially the Tongsala to Haad Rin road....

    But generally speaking the rest of the island has very little traffic, although that can depend on time of day.... in some areas. Some side roads take you to interesting spots, other don't.... but it's great to explore.... Not being a huge island, people are not going to get far off the beaten track.

    When it's dry the sandy /gravel roads can be a bit slippery.... so use more caution when it is dry... (damp roads are better!.... less dust too! ) .... It's the same on Samui's back roads, which I shall give a report on some time! ... lots of those to discover too!

    Since my first visit to KP almost ten years ago, roads for the most part are greatly improved....

    Koh Ma at Maehaad on KP is worth a visit, it can be a little busier than east side beaches, but quite quiet and pleasant....(most of the time!)

  4. Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 2


    Koh Phangan Island Tours

    The dirt road to Haad Yuan is in a very good condition and in every map. The dirt road start in Ban Khai at Sra Manora Waterfall. It goes up to a mountain and then down to Haad Yuan/Haad Tien/Haad Why Nam.



    The neighbour beach

    Here a pic from the walkingpath from Haad rin to Haad Yuan, the 3 beaches Haad Yuan, Haad Tien, Haad Why Nam (the smallest)

    On some beaches you can find many „eye of shiva“

    A good place in the morning or in the evening is the new Chang Phueak in Haad Rin

    At Haad Rin Beach you will see a wooden path on the rocks to this resort. The path end on this terrace.

    Bungalows with a good outlook

    A new concrete road goes to the brandnew place of Blackmoon Culture. The place is on the top of a small mountain in the forest. When you drive the big road from thong Sala to Chalok Lum you will see the signs.




    Koh Phangan change every year more and more to higher class accomodation. All news resorts are with aircondition, and some with swimming pool. Some corners of the island have still the old style

    A few rare beach on this island have no bungalow and no restaurant


    This beach everytime is perfect for pictures...



    ...and for yoga :)

    Leela Beach (Saikantang) was in the 80s a hippie beach, now it is popular with many bungalows but still nice.

    Koh Ma Island at Mae Haad from the hotel ruine on the top of the mountain.

    Near Haad Yao West

    The Fullmoonparty are a little bite crazy but funny to look



    This year open a very nice place, the Merkaba, a beachbar on a quiet beach in Ban Khai

    They make sometimes partys too

    In march 2013, under construction


    More will follow
  5. Wow, Hellbob, your usual stunning images. Fantastic - I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.
  6. my hats off to u. really awesome photos and the road less travelled. been to kho phangan bfore and i tot i covered most but seeing this it gives me another excuse to go again.

  7. I want to follow.. hehehehe...:lol:
  8. Very easy in the south! Take a airplane to krabi or surathani.

    Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 3


    Khao Sok Tour
    After some days I start my tour to Khao Sok . Early in the morning to the ferry, small motorbike with driver to Don Sak is 280 baht (Car 620 Baht, Big Motorbike 480 Baht for Koh Phangan - Don Sak). The ferry need 2,5hr to Don Sak.

    From there the way to Surathani and then the H401. After Surathani there is a nice landscape and not to much traffic. The best landscape start 50km before Khao Sok. 20km before Khao Sok the road goes through high green mountains.
    At Klong Phanom Park you can go up to a good viewpoint in a few minutes. Drive inside the park and turn left to the campside, park there and climb up the steel ladder, then walk up 3 minutes.

    Sometimes you can not see the top because clouds around.
    Tour to Tham Wang Badan, a very nice secret cave with Buddha , from Khao Sok i drove the way to Ta Khun (50km) and 13,3km after Ta Khun there is a wood sign on the right side, turn right. After ~3km again a wood sign, turn right, then only a few hundret meters then you see something from the monks. Walk up the steps to the cave.
    The monks can open a light inside, buter a torch is helpful. It is hot and wet inside, but very nice



    When you in Khao Sok and you have time then do a 2 day 1 night lake tour, it is fantastic!


    On the second day in the early morning i did a 40min (oneway) kanu trip to the Tree Tops Raft House. They have a new restaurant with a jumping tower.

    If you like flowers, this is the right place for you. Many flowers like a Strelitzia
    IMG_1292e. IMG_1358d. IMG_1347e.

    IMG_1345e. IMG_1286d. IMG_1290d.

    And of course, the rare rafflesia - the biggest flower in the world with a diameter up to 60cm. Only a flower without leaves or real roots.
    This flower is only blooming when it is not to dry, but february is a good time to see it.

    A wild ginger flower


    More will follow
  9. Thanks for nice comments :). Now the unknown nice island "Koh Kho Khao" near Khao Lak (Pier Takua Pa). The friendly boatman drive my bike on the longtail-boat. Nice people here, no tourist rip off. In the early morning many animals to see (i saw some snakes, birds...).

    Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 4


    Koh Kho Khao Island
    From Khao Sok i did a tour to Takua Pa (45km oneway), near Khao Lak. Here is a small pier with some Longtail Taxi Boats to Koh Kho Khao . 1 Pers. 20 Baht, 1 Bike 20 Baht, the boat need about 10min.


    The first beach with big trees behind the beach


    Explore the hidden places





    Many kilometers sandy beach without people, looks like small paradise, same Khao Lak 20 years ago.


    More will follow
  10. Wow, truly spectacular! :clap: Never heard of Koh Kho Khao. Looking forward to your next installment! popcorn
  11. Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 5


    Phu Ta Cho Mountain, 860m
    The next tour goes to Phu Ta Cho Mountain . From Khao Sok direction to Takua Pa and after 20km signposted turn left.

    After 2,35km only a thaisign turn left, and now follow the river. A quiet road.

    After 7km turn left in the village. Now 3km on a small concred mountain road through the mountains with oilpalms, then turn left throug to the barrier.

    First concrete for a few hundret meters then dirt road. Now 5km up on the mountain until the headquarter.

    Here i must pay 200 baht. Until the Headquarter every pick up can go, but for the last 5km to the top only 4WD and motorbike. After the headquarter the road will be more and more difficult but it is possible with a Honda Dream.

    After 43km on sealevel 811m parking on Phu Ta Cho and walk 10min to the top, great atmosphere and cool air. It reminds me a litte bite of Bokor (Cambodia).


    On the top, 858m, alone…a nice view, many birds do their concert and everywhere i can hear the gibbons



    The map


    More will follow
  12. Wow wow, stunning tour & pics. Keep it coming.
  13. Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 6


    Krabi Tour

    From Khao Sok I drove back to Phangan and a week later to Krabi. I start in Koh Phangan at 7.00 a.m. Arrived with the ferry in Don Sak at 9.45 a.m., now with the motorbike direction to Surathani. Km 47,7 turn left to the H44 Krabi. The big highway H44 was very quiet, maybe 50 cars when I drove here. On the end of the H 44 turn left. Km 209 turn right to Phra Nang Bay. Km 214,2 PTT gasolinestation left direction to Ao Nang. Km 219,8 on the circle turn right. Km 225 Ao Nang Beach. After many inquires i saw a few km outside of ao nang a hotel. It looks outside not so nice but when i came inside, wow very good for 900 baht. The name is WaRiNa Place , coordinates: N 08.04305 E 098.83732.
    When you come from the beach it is on the right 2,4km from the beach.

    Nice and clean inside.

    The big room with ac, freezer, tv and small balcony. When I woke up the first morning and went on my balcony I was terrified when 2 big dogs from the neigbour barking at me. But only 1min and then they only look friendly to me ….

    After Check in a little bite refresh and then i did a longtailboat trip to railey for 100 baht oneway. On the picture you see the Golden Beach/Ao Nang Beach on the left side and the Phai Plong Beach with the Central Krabi Bay Resort. Phai Plong Beach can only be reached by boat or on foot via a boardwalk from Golden Beach.

    Railey Beach West Beach, good for swimming but many longtailboat.

    The BEST thing there is you go to Pranang until the end and walk up to the cave. Go inside the cave until the end. In the end is a small hole. When you passing this hole you need a torch because now must climb up a 3 bamboo ladder. The first one:

    The second one

    After the last you will have a famous outlook from a hole 20m up on the mountain to railey west.

    Yes :), I sweating, it was a hard walk :), but a worthwhile. Many times climbers climb up outside….

    ….or come down outside…Many climbers like railey because good rocks there.

    The view to Pranang with the big cave entrance, also very nice during the sunset.

    The nice drip stones at Pranang


    Another good and interesting place is on the end of railey east where the small path goes to pranang. The steep way goes left up to the viewpoint and to the lagoon. Up there keep right to the lagoon or keep left to the viewpoint. WARNING: Down to the lagoon you must climb a little bite! When it rains it can be dangerous!

    The climb path down to the laguna is a little bite difficult and danger, sometimes snakes here.
    The way to the viewpoint is easy after the climb from the walking path. Here you see Railey West on the left side and Railey East on the right side.

    When I be back Ao Nang i walk right to the Golden Beach where every evening many monkeys playing with the tourist. I been there many times because it was so funny when I saw the most russian tourist with the baby monkeys.


    More will follow
  14. Sorry guys my good old xp computer is broken and I must buy a hardware for save the files from the old one.

    Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 7


    Krabi Tour
    The next day I did a longtailboat trip to Koh Poda for 200 baht oneway. This very small island have white sand and blue water, relax. When you are arrived on the island walk right to the tourist places with many asians. Walk 10min left to this nice quiet place.




    This picture looks quiet but it is made where all longtailboats arrive…

    The third day is a tour to Wat Tham Suea . A temple about 21km from Ao Nang. The temple down is nice and a new one is under construction



    A little bite nepal style

    But the highlight here is the small temple on the 308m high mountain. You can see it very small on this picture

    You must walk 1237 steep steps. When you not to late it is possible in 20minutes. Coordinates: N 08.12646 E 098.92272


    Famous outlook

    A place for make a hour rest and enjoy this place.

    More will follow
  15. Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 8


    Krabi Tour
    On the way back from Wat Tham Suea i drove the street to Bencha NP and stop in Baan Rimsra Resort .


    A small resort with a lake. I walk through the resort and then a very small and very steep path up the mountain. The last 30m up to the top a little bite climbing with a rope and then enjoy the view to Khao Bencha :)


    One good Tour is Sra Morakot BUT NOT ON THE WEEKEND!! It is about 77km south-east of Ao Nang. Drive to Krabi Town and then the H4 to the south until the 4038 goes left. After~ 10km turn right in the 4021 and follow the signs to Sra Morakot.
    Fee for falangs is 200 baht. First you walk in a forest to the nature swimming pool with clean blue water where you can swim




    From there about 10min on a concrete path and through a forest you come to the famous Blue Pool, swimming not alowed. coordinates: N 07.92509 E 099.26833

    In the sea near Krabi Town are some good seafood restaurants. Near this crab you can take a long tail boat to the restaurants


    More will follow
  16. Awesome pictures again. :D Can`t wait for the next part of this thread. Thanks for sharing those great pictures:D
  17. Thanks :p When the weather is good then it's easy to take good pics, when the weather is bad it's very difficult :neutral:
    But, i had much time lucky this year in the south of thailand :mrgreen:

    Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 9


    Koh Jum Tour
    This small island near Koh Lanta it is 8km long and 4km width. Some years ago it was only a backpacker-island but it change more and more.

    They are 2 ways to Koh Jum: Minibus to Krabi Ferry Port and from there with the tourist boat to Koh Jum, or to the better local port about 50km from Ao Nang and with a Longtailboat (carry Honda Dream too) to Koh Jum. The first tour you can book in every agency for 450 baht incl. pick up. The minibus pick up about 10.00 a.m. and drive 15km to the Krabi Passenger Port N 08.04794 E 098.90767
    The boat to Koh Jum start at 11.30 Uhr. Warning! The stupid staff of Super Lanta want make money and lie to much. They want you buy a ticket for the Longtail who pick up you from the tourist boat to the island, and they say you must buy the boat ticket for go back because on the island it is impossible - All lie!!!
    At the pier this sign

    The tourist boat at Krabi Passenger Pier:

    The tourist boat stop first in the north and in the south, the Longtails from the resorts pick you up

    The better way to Koh Jum (Koh Pu) is you drive 54 km to the Laem Kruat Pier coordinates: 7.889866,99.027218. First direction to Krabi town then in the 411 to the H4, now turn right and then in the 4036, the 4036 until the end.


    About every hour Longtails go to Koh Jum, per pers ~ 80 baht, bike ~60 baht. For go back: Only in the morning between 7.00-8.00 a.m.!!
    I booked the Piece Paradise (about 25km from Krabi Passenger Port) on the North Beach,
    a quiet place with cheap bungalows. The bamboo bungalow without toilett is 150 baht, the wood bungalow with toilet and shower is 400 baht.


    The north beach resorts have only in the night time electric from generators, the resorts in the south have everytime electric. The north beaches are not so nice than in the sout, thats why the north is cheapper.
    Yai told me "When you eat my baracuda red curry you never forget me", so i try it and can recomend it.


    The big white cat of Piece Paradise

    Adress and Phone

    The resort in the evening



    More will follow
  18. amazing stuff, really.

    Got my thirst for a ride to KPN going. :D
  19. @CBR250 : Thanks, many good places around the samui and kpn island and the ferry is not to expensive.

    Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 10


    Koh Jum Tour
    When you come to Koh Jum island with your own motorbike you don’t need to rent one for 400 baht per day :).Most of the streets are good dirt roads. The beach in the south is better then in the north but everything more busy there.
    Koh Jum have many different bungalows, expensive ones, cheap ones and exceptionally ones like a tree house

    or some special wooden bungalows.
    Here the last one on the south cap, the Freedom Resort, a popular place.


    They have some different style of bungalow, standart, luxury, tree house and this one:

    Some very expensive resorts in the south

    The nice Koh Jum Resort with Pool is near the north beach. From Piece Paradise 30min walk on the beach.

    But a famous shop is in the village Ting Ray, the german Salman Bakery .
    Please remember: Koh Jum is a muslim island and the local people are very friendly, so please repect them and NOT walk with bikini through the village!!

    I stop for coffee and cake on my 17km circle walk

    On the way back a nice flower.

    A nice quiet sandy beach in the north, the last one without bungalows or restaurants. About 30min walk from Peace & Paradise.

    A quiet part of the South Beach.


    More will follow
  20. The last post on a new site
  21. Hidden jewels of South Thailand, Part 11

    After many tours around Phangan, Khao Sok and Krabi my bike need a full check:


    Honda Ao Nang change my back tire, the engine belt, spark plug, oil, airfilter, together only 1640 Baht :)


    Random informations about Koh Phangan and more

    Traveller Checks Fee 360% up from 33 baht to 153 baht.


    Be careful when you rent a motorbike at Koh Phangan, many bad shops. Joy, this is one of them:

    Great Bay Resort. The strange resort. Be careful when they want sell drugs to you!! Never leave money in your room!!!


    30 of 77 reviews say “Terrible” http://www.tripadvisor.co.za/ShowUserReviews-g303907-d654289-r191340006-Phangan_Great_Bay_Resort-Ko_Phangan_Surat_Thani_Province.html

    This is a other bad shop, he write one every part of the bike his name then nobody will repairing this bike when you have a crash.



    Be careful when you had used drugs in Koh Phangan!! The Bangkok Police is awaiting you on the busstation, they pick only tourist from phangan for the peeing test. When you peeing and the test is positive then you can try pay black money, about 16000-20000 baht.



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