HiFlo filters: still available from Brett Cooper/Merkamx???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by cdrw, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. I wanted to re-order some HiFlo filters, BUT...
    No e-mail nor cell phone response from Brett Cooper, and the Merkamx site is offline.

    Is Brett Cooper still representing HiFlo filters? If so, how to contact him?
  2. Hi all, sorry I've been overseas for a while. I've still got some of the Hiflo filters left. I'm actually looking to get rid of the filters that I have left, in bulk, and am prepared to sell them for slightly less than cost if the buyer takes them off my hands. This is a good chance for someone who has the time to be able to re-sell them and make a profit, as well as to be able to use the filters on their own ride. I've got the following left;

    HF303 (46 left)
    HF171C (chrome harley filter, 47 left)
    HF401 (13 left)

    I'm in Korat at the moment, phone me on 09 35 45 45 96 or PM me with any questions. You can pick them up from me in Korat or else I can send them via post.

  3. FWIW:
    Brett Cooper has moved and is now working in Australia.
    Brett sold HiFlo business and filter stocks to a Brit who resides in Pattaya.

    I've spoken with the new owner and will be obtaining filters from him.
    I encouraged him to post his contact & filter stock info on the bike forums, but at this point in time
    he seems [overly] concerned about internet scammers and seems reluctant to advertise to the general public.
    I expect this will change in time....
  4. Hope he does advertise to the general public - I've been using Hi-Flo for some time now.
  5. Hi,I have several Hiflo oil filters surplus to requirement, if any body needs any please PM me with your request, can EMS.. safe riding... The Eagle.
  6. I was at Eddie's house last week & picked up some filters. Nice guy!
    He said he is not in the filter business and has about 700 filters he wants to clear out.
    These are the residual stock from Brent's distributorship.
    I suggested he provide a list of the filters still available; he declined, preferring those interested to just inquire via PM.
    Maybe he'll later decide a listing of his stock will avoid dealing with PM's for O/S items?

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