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  1. Whow, a italien friend of mine was looking for a guided trip in nothern Thailand. He wnat to ride with his wife on a streetbike Kawasaki 650. He used googl and found the trip. 12 days inkl hotel gasoline and food. Now he has a shock. A tour company offer the trip for nearly 3300 US $ Thats not a fair price. 1000 Baht a day for the bike. km 2000 km maybe 5000 Baht for Gasoline. Hotel per night 1500 Baht together 35 000 Baht.

    I send him this calculation now he feel better and he coming soon. For a Roadtrip no one need a guide. Use a Garming or a good map from GT Rider and you found all what you want. :happy3: :happy2: :happy4:
  2. I just came back from 11 day ride, 4126Km and it cost me TOTAL 18000thb including everything for 1 person.
    Hotel range ws from 350 to 700 per nite and all good desent hotels

    No guide, just me and my Tank and Garmin Zumo 550
  3. Angkor1, for fuel I would not calculate more than THB 2,- per km and that's pushing the ER6N or Ninja650 already all the time :D . Except Chiang Mai you won't find any Hotels for more than 1000 THB a night in many towns up here :smile1: , food during the day shouldn't amount to more than THB 100,-, evening of course more as there will be some more drinks to go :mrgreen: . So your estimate is still a higher one :wink: .......fortunately......... :thumbup: , cheers, Franz
  4. I reckon on a budget of 1500thb/day to include 300km/600thb petrol, average 400 for a room then 500 for food and beer. This works out similar to what Marco spent. Of course, if I was on the road with Marco, we'd both spend significantly more on boozing! :)


  5. Pikeyyyyy

    where do you get that kind of Idear,,, do we boozing??? :oops:

    but so true it's average of 1700 for me, even some day less and ofcourse it's all depend, what every indivitual looks from i.e. accomodation and food,,
    i can get my self stuffed with 150thb dnner and 130thb breaky, some need steaks and wine, then of course it will cost tons of more,,,,

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