High Temperature Exhaust Pipe Paint

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Billy Baht, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. The exhaust pipe on my CBR 150 is looking gnarly- rusted and coated with crud. I used emory cloth to buff it up, but the rust comes back immediately :?

    Has any one painted their front pipes with any lasting success? I figure flat black high temperature/barbeque paint might do the trick.

    I've perused Google and You Tube learning that others have had mixed results with this endeavor...

    All comments and advise are welcomned!

  2. Yes, I did spray-paint my CBR150R exhaust with 1000 degree paint. Cleaned it first with a steel wire brush, then sanded it. The paint didn't stay on the header, too hot, it burned off quite quickly. But further down where it wasn't getting that hot it looked good.
    I had a self-made exhaust on my 1400 Intruder in the US. Top quality spray paint; also did not last long on the header.
    If you're really into a nice-looking header take the original to a shop where they make fences and gates out of stainless steel. I had an exhaust for my VTR250 welded up out of 23 pieces, a great job, cost me only 2,000 baht. Wipe it clean before you fire it up for the first time, any dirt, grease or fingerprint will get burned in.
  3. Yeah, some of the posters on You Tube went the stainless steel route.

    Twenty three pieces? SS can't be bent? Good reminder about wiping it clean to avoid marks, thanks.

    I'm thinking stove black, the stuff used to spiff up wood stoves back in the US would work but I doubt they sell that product in Thailand, 555!
  4. You can buy high temp ceramic based paint at Lanna Screw in CM
    The key, as in all paint work, is prep, so take it to Richco and have it media blasted, then paint immediately

    Best if you can bake it first, but it will not fit in a house oven and Richies will not go hot enough to cure the paint, but the best you can do here.
    The rest of the curing will take place on the bike

    Or just buy the SS system I happen to have left over from my CBR.
  5. Hi H!

    Any pics? How loud? I like quiet :)
  6. On the Intruder I let engine idle, when the first blisters showed I turned it off to let it cool. Then I'd let it idle longer. The first time I fired it up and rode it, the paint peeled very soon close to the exhaust outlet. Heating it up slowly produced better results but in the end it didn't last long. Muffler and close to it was no problem, but the header got too hot for the paint to stay on.
  7. loud is in the ear of the beholder but Mrs Hoghead thinks it is loud. I think it is fine

    If too loud for you, repack the can, replace the can, or simply use the SS header portion and fit your stock can
    PM me if you want to continue this conversation
  8. Seems that ceramic coating would be the only way to go with those high temperatures around the header area. I did some research about this one year ago, as I'd liked to have my Diavels' Termignoni exhaust to have black ceramic coating on it. Unfortunately I was told that the only company making ceramic coatings in Thailand ceased to do those, as the price of this type of coating went way up for some unknown reason.

    If someone have some updated info about ceramic coatings in Thailand, I would like to hear as well!
  9. No ceramic that I know of and Richco imported some a couple of years ago but did not hold up well so he is no longer doing it.
    To my knowledge the material is not available here. Too bad as my Thunderheader is looking ratty and all I can do it touch it up with the ceramic based paints available here
  10. OK yesterday was the day I painted the exhaust :) Two nuts connecting the front pipe to the exhaust port and two bolts attaching the exhaust system to the frame and its off!

    Found Bosny 1,200 degree paint at Tesco, B259. They didn't have any flat black so I went with gloss.



    I "cured" the paint by staring the engine and letting her idle for 15 seconds. Cool off, then 20 seconds. I did thie six times. Drove the bike last night on a short tirp to eat, then back to my room after aboiut one hour. The after pic was taken this morning.

    Time will tell :)

    PS- Bosny paint is made in Thailand under Englis Trade Mark, so If it peels off, I'm blaming it on the UK folks, Ha!

    www.bosny.com There are a few clips on You Tube, one is in Russian with a guy painting his car muffler :)
  11. Follow up report. I painted the exhaust on Dec 5. Today, Dec 22, I took the bike to have it power washed (even washed off my tax sticker on the inside of the windshield!)

    Paint burnt off near the manifold

    Mud spots on the pipe heat shield. They came off with some wax.


    If I had it to do over again, I would have waited until I found some flat black. I used gloss and some road grit seems to embed in to the paint.
  12. I think I remember the can, I used the same product.
  13. 285799=14001-2012-12-23%2010.31.10.
    Follow up shot of the rear pipe after cleaning with wax. I retouched the front pipe, this time with one thin coat but I expect it to burn off :)
  14. you need to sand blast it first for any hope of sticking
  15. Hog & Billybaht, tried all available paints I could get here in LOS, both fom Rustoleum and Bosny, works just on the muffler but paint will come off, so need repainting from time to time even if sprayed onto sandblasted surface. On the header pipes these paints just fail, could even blast the paint away with my pressure cleaner.
    I now just sandblast the exhaust headers and have them chrome-plated, lasts longer and is easier to clean from all the goo you get stuck on them. Rgds, FR

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