Highway 1081 Chaloem Phra Kiat to Bo Kluea

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  1. After a good week hanging out in Chiang Rai I had to get back to Bangkok. The first stop I planned was Nan but also wanted to ride a bit longer so checking out the map thought I would go up to Chaleom Phra Kiat down to Bo Kluea and then across to Nan to make it a bit longer and more interesting.

    Highway 1081 runs all the way from Chaloem Phra Kiat to Bo Kulea and onto Nan and changes in condition from north to south as well as providing the usual high standard of scenery and local life you expect from this part of Thailand.

    POV video of Highway 1081 (upto Bo Kluea) can be found here:
    Part One (34 mins)
    Part Two (25 mins)

    Google Map links:
    Start location and end location

    Select photos along the way:
    Heading off early is always the way to go to enjoy the cooler temperatures, afternoons are for naps and swims!
    These two photos are sunrise just outside Chiang Rai somewhere:



    Past Chaloem Phra Kiat on highway 1081 and these two girls past by skilfully navigating the bends whilst sharing a joke and carrying merchandise.



    As you travel down the 1081 you go along a valley with interesting scenery and bare hills, maybe another time of year it is different but pretty barren in April this year.


    Welcome ice cream breaks along the way:


    Friendly Buffalo. I am sure they are not always friendly but they have endearing faces inviting trust!

    Lastly a couple of iPhone panoramas along 1081:


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  2. Some great pictures, thanks
  3. Good stuff! The 1081 always puts a smile on my face and Bo Klua is a cool destination! Great pictures! :thumbup:
  4. Thanks... So much more to check out! Problem with being in Bangkok is you waste time getting up and back down... Dam you work and short holidays! Will be back...
  5. Do what Brian BKk does, leave your bike upcountry at a town with an airport. Fly back into BKk for a week or two, then fly back out for another long weekend, ride to the next town then fly back into Bkk. If you book ahead the air tickets can be quite cheap.

    I love this panorama shot

    a great example of the winding Nan roads.

    Thanks for sharing..,bring it on if you've got anymore.
  6. Hi David

    The dream... Mulling over eventually have a place up north, I got more to post and will get around to it shortly...


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