Hiring bike in Chang Mai and touring North Thailand

May 18, 2008
Hi guys,

My name is Dan and I'm from the UK. Been riding for about 3 years but been away from the UK travelling now for about 4 months so I'm missing my bike!! (CBR600) I'm coming to Thailand in about 2 weeks time and I'm thinking of hiring a bike in Chang Mai and doing some touring around the North for about 5/6 days so was wondering if you guys could give me some advice!

I've only just started looking into this so I don't know much as yet. I'd be really grateful if anyone could offer tips on:

* Which routes and towns / cities I should definately visit?
* Which bike would you recommend for the Thailand roads or does in not matter much?
* Anything important I need to know about hiring a bike in Chang Mai? i.e I've read that I shouldn't hand over my passport??

Any info greatly appreciated!