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Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by waldo_one2, May 5, 2007.

  1. waldo_one2

    waldo_one2 Member

    This is fresh news and i stand to be corrected!!!.....but those of you who wish to hire a 250cc bike in LP you will find it difficult if not impossible!!!

    I took the recommendations and just assumed that Green Discovery would have one at least.But so many foreigners have had accidents up there they've kinda given up.I let him know that i was aware of the transport service where they would bring a bike up from Vientiene but it was basically.....NO!!! in the kind Lao way!

    I checked out a few more places and they all said the same i dunno if things will change but for now hiring a 250cc in LP is'nt happening.

    I'm currently at LP airport gonna go down to Vientiene and pick one up there.........

    My trip ain't gonna be that of the road as i have the missus with me but i'll post one anyhow.

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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Good tip-off Waldo one2, thanks for the input. I hope you enjoy the ride on R13 & that it's not too wet. I also hope you’ve got a nice road & trip report after - you’re first since Dec 2004, it’s been awhile coming..
  4. waldo_one2

    waldo_one2 Member

    Hehe......been keeping tabs on me then David.......now thats what i call a quality moderator.

    I'm in Vientiene now Green Discovery have plenty of Baja's to rent.......are happy for us to take them as far as we want........don't you just love this country.....haha.

    It does'nt pee me off cos thats just the way things are here i suppose.

    And yeah i will keep you posted but its nothing you guys hav'nt heard before........but there are the new guys and girls.
  5. neodisco

    neodisco New Member

    Thank you very much for this invaluable information. David your website is awesome.

    Waldo - BTW did you happen to notice if they hire out MX boots in V (Last ride I did in CM my ankle looked like a tennis ball for 3 months) ;).
  6. waldo_one2

    waldo_one2 Member

    Hi Neo,

    We checked out a few places and nowhere seemed to offer any more protection than a helmet,i stand to be corrected.In my roadtrip i recommended PVO for excellent Bike quality and service(just so you know)

    We took our own MX boots but that was it.......it was hassle lugging them around but it was worth it once we got going.

    Some of the guys on this site wear Full body armour the works basically.On my last trip i went with my GF but next time i go i'm gonna take a bit more protection.

    It depends how experienced you are and what roads/tracks you decide to take.But for me personally boots are essential does'nt matter what kinda quality of road i'm travelling.

    I'm sure others would agree.Happy travels dude.

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