Hit & Run In Cambodia By Female Singapore Biker


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Some disturbing news in from Cambodia.

Owner of Singapore-registered motorbike in hit-and-run accident wanted by Cambodian police

The Cambodian authorities are seeking the owner of a Singapore-registered motorcycle allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed an elderly man.

The incident happened on Feb 7 in Cambodia's capital city of Phnom Penh, in the Khan Por Senchey area along National Highway 4.

According to local media reports, the victim was an 81-year-old man from the Por Senchey district who was crossing the road on his bicycle at about 12.50pm Cambodian time (1.50pm Singapore time).

Cambodian news site Cambodia News English (CNE) reported on Feb 7 that the victim had his hands up in the air while crossing, signalling for traffic to slow down.

A "high-powered motorcycle" then slammed into him at high speed, killing him instantly.

There have been conflicting reports about whether the motorcycle, which was later identified as a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, had toppled or slowed down after the crash.

But it was consistently reported that it had sped away and that the rider, who eyewitnesses said was dressed in yellow, did not stop to render assistance.

However, a piece of debris from the motorcycle with the BMW logo was found at the scene.

Photos of the aftermath showed the piece of debris next to the body of the victim covered by a cloth on the ground and distraught family members crying.

The bicycle he was on also lay twisted on the ground with its front wheel missing.

In an update on Tuesday (Feb 19), CNE reported that the motorcycle was found parked outside a boutique hotel near the Phnom Penh Central Market area.

The motorbike was also missing a piece from its front, and it is believed that the piece of debris found at the scene was from the same motorbike.

Pictures of the motorbike showed that it bore stickers with the flags of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos.

The BMW motorcycle model has a capacity of 1,170cc, with a maximum speed of over 200kmh. It has a weight of about 260kg and a 30-litre aluminium fuel tank and is described on the BMW website as a motorbike able to "overcome every type of terrain".

It costs more than $50,000 here inclusive of the certificate of entitlement.

CNE told The New Paper yesterday that it received a tip-off from an anonymous source on Facebook that the owner of the motorcycle had allegedly returned to Singapore to seek treatment for an injured wrist, leaving the motorbike behind.

The news has riled both Singaporean and Cambodian netizens, many of whom have demanded she return to Cambodia to assist in investigations.

Netizens have also identified a woman who lives in Singapore as the alleged owner.

Checks by TNP on her Facebook page showed the mother of two in several photos with the same motorbike found outside the hotel in Phnom Penh.

She was also affiliated with local rider groups and appeared to frequently travel by motorbike to Malaysia and Thailand.

Attempts by TNP to contact her have been unsuccessful, and her Facebook page was deactivated yesterday evening.

A close friend of the woman who did not want to be identified told TNP he was surprised to hear of the allegations.

"This is news to me... she is a close friend," he said. "I've never known her to run away from responsibilities."

The man added that she has also not responded to any of his messages since.

Another acquaintance of the woman told TNP he was unsure if she was Singaporean but confirmed that she lives in Singapore.

Singapore does not currently have an extradition treaty with Cambodia.

TNP understands that while the Cambodian authorities are still looking for the woman, they have yet to contact their counterparts in Singapore.

Some more info

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This will unfortunately reflect on the general biking community & may cause issues for bikers entering Cambodia in the future.

The biker concerned has probably done what was best in her interests after killing someone - flee the country & attempt to deal with it from safety far away. Most people would take issue with this; and it is a very sad set of disturbing circumstances. The accident was an accident, but it only looks much worse now.

The rider concerned was identified as ""Mel Stryker" & her facebook page was taken down shortly after the story went viral in Singapore, as was that of the man CNE was told was travelling with her on the day of the incident, user known as ManBai Abd.

However, with help from Singaporeans and internet searches, we can reveal the name of the motorcycle owner as Melissa Ma’ruf Kamisah from Singapore and her passenger Abdul Rahman.
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Jul 20, 2013
Whatever the the rights and wrongs regarding this sad issue I would think naming the apparent rider and pillion is not a good idea.
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Sep 19, 2006
Yeah, good Idea just walk across a Road and put Your Hand up! That will stop all the Traffic! Unfortunately that is what People riding in Asia have to face! A sad outcome but all parties involved are to Blame!


Apr 8, 2015
Sorry for the Victim.
And the news story above is nowhere a complete statement of the facts of this accident.
Hope the lady can come to some understanding with relevant authorities and the family.