Hitchiking Chickens

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  1. Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Answer: To take his first motorcycle ride.

    If you ride in rural Thailand, you have played this game before. The chicken is crossing the road as you approach. He sees the wheel of death coming closer, and runs frantically out of the way.

    Not this time. This rooster decides to FLY out of the way. But he waits a little too long for takeoff.

    He gets just high enough to get taken for his first ride. He is at head height, with one wing flapping against the windscreen and the other flapping against the mirror. He got carried for 50 meters before sliding off, landing, and running off the road – nothing injured but his dignity.

    This took place a couple days ago, while traveling near Phaya Mengrai. We were on a short trip to check out some new equipment and clothing – panniers, tank bag, new helmets, new riding jacket and gloves for the GF.

    Day 1: 118 and 120 to Phayao, 1021 to Pa Sang, 1093 to Phu Chee Fah, 1155 and 1021 to Thoeng

    When heading west from Chiang Kham, there is a blue signpost indicating the scenic route to Phu Chee Fah. This connects to 1093, which winds up the ridge for 60 km to the summit. The road is in good condition, with only a few spots being repaired. Close to the top there is a series of camping/cabin “resorts” if you plan to stay up there.

    Came down the more direct route to 1155, then headed south. Avoid this way late afternoon – lots of sun in your eyes.

    There are actually 2 small hotels in Thoeng, both as you head north on 1020. We stayed at Hotel 79, which is down a small soi on the right, signposted on the main road. Small, connected bungalow type rooms, fan or air-con.

    One feature of the room was the printed sign with the rules, regulations, and rates. Rates were posted for overnight stay AND for one hour stay!! So, you have to assume that there is some action in a town that needs a short time hotel. Any reports?

    Day 2: 1020, 1152, 1326, 1173, 1098, 1271 and 1129 to Chiang Saen, 1290 to Mae Sai, 1149 to Doi Tung, 1149, 1 and 1089 to Tha Ton.

    I had taken 1149 from Doi Tung to Mae Sai, but never in reverse. Always an adventure. Currently, there are several military checkpoints. At the first and the last, we were stopped and they copied down my passport info.

    No car traffic on the lower part, because halfway up, the road continues to cave in. Right now, there is enough road left for a bike, but not for a car.

    Stayed at the Garden Home Resort in Tha Ton. Definitely better that Hotel 79.

    Day 3: 1089, 107 and 109 to Mae Suai, 118 and 1150 to Phrao, 1001 to Chiang Mai.

    Lunch at the Charin Garden Resort, of course.

    1150 has had a lot of landslides, above and below the road. Most of the road is still intact, and most of the big stuff has been cleared. But, there is a lot of dirt and debris on the road – easy enough to ride through, but could be a high speed surprise around a corner.

    Just north of the Mae Ngat Dam turnoff, 1001 has a 20 km stretch where the most recent thin layer of asphalt is seriously deteriorating. No deep holes, but a rough ride.

    All in all, good roads, good weather, good gear and a good trip.


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  2. ok you guys have chickens to look out for, in my dispach days was hooning around trafalgar square and one minute all looking good, the next picking up my gt550 and whipeing the pidgeun feathers from my lid! still it gave the tourists something to photo.dont forget you guys havent got speed cameras yet, enjoy while you can. cheers marcus[;)]

    marcus ackerman
  3. BobS
    Good tip on the road cave in on R1149.
    But where exactly is it - between Mae Sai & Pa Mee, or Pa Mee & Doi Chang Mup / Doi Tung (guide book map P120)?

    Keep The Power On
  4. Hay Bob, with all the new gear you guys would'v dazzled the local, did they see you riding out of the sun, an think you were gods incarnate, Ride with style but get some mud on ya boots. Enjoyed ya post, Did'ja eat the cook?....Scott
  5. David

    When coming up from Mai Sai, the cave in is just before the first turnoff - which I believe is Pa Mee.

    A year ago, it was down to 1 lane, now just half of a lane.


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  6. Hi Bob
    On route 13 in Laos a couple of days ago there were two cockerels fighting in the middle of the road. We braked to miss them and they they both ran into the other lane, right into the path of an oncoming bus, still fighting. There were a lot of feathers and at least one bird was splatted on the asphalt - atleast he went out with his boots on.
    By the way thanks for the reply about Malaysia.

    Look at our photos:
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  7. Hi Bob
    I hit one myself just outside Mae Sariang the other day, it knocked it senseless far a couple of moments then it just took off. A chicken is probably not the best thing to hit right now, just supposing the chicken you hit has bird flu, you smash it up and end up with a face full of feathers

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  8. Hi Bob,
    Your rooster incident reminds me of riding in the Aussy outback.here is an entry from my recent trip diary.
    "Because this years wet season was not as severe as the previous, the number of Kangaroo road kills are way down, but the cattle kills are way up. The smell of death invades your nostrils every couple of k’s, and as you approach the carcasses lying on the side of the road, an immediate waving of wings surprise you as you rapidly close in on the carrion gorging themselves on the raw meat, often than not you have to take evasive methods to miss running head on into a very large eagle or hawk, which is trying to gain altitude with a full belly."

    Aren't you glad Thailand only has chickens!

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  9. I think that the reason you don't see roadkill in Thailand is the the Thais cook it and eat it almost before it hits the ground.

    Did see some pictures of a roadkill elephant, hit by a large truck. They were using a bulldozer to get it off the road.

    BTW, in New Hampshire in the USA, there is a restaurant called the Roadkill Cafe. Great billboards.

    "Eat at the Roadkill Cafe - where the food used to speak foritself"


    "The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not and never persist in trying to set people right."

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