Holy Shit!

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  1. Don't blame ME! :angel: That's actually the title of the link on the Red Bull website. Some pretty damn good action videos (whoops, that WAS me.) :thumbup:

    Red Bull Racing website
  2. Aptly named Dave - Fantastic action - the crazy young guys in those flying suits are unbelievable - very entertaining action video's enjoyed watching all the different sports.

    Ken F
  3. thank you for that link, this is really, really great.

    I've seen a lot of BASE jumping before, but really enjoying the freerunning segments, I haven't seen much of that ... ryan doyle is this (scottish?) kid they're sending around the world; he's an amazing athlete - of course - but I also enjoy the interviews - India is never as fresh as when a 20-something year old sees it for the first time.

    I'd say marketing at its best, but this isn't really marketing anymore, it transcends it - this is just cool stuff.

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