Homestay In Doi Saket (20km east of C Mai)

Steve Merchant

Dec 11, 2009
Hi All, having been in the tour business 33 years and getting to that 'retirement' age I was looking for something to do with my house now that the kids are grown. I decided on a homestay. Link removed The website is geared for foreign tourists who know nothing about the Thai country and is just about all inclusive (i.e. room, food, coffee/tea, cycle tours and a person to come with you). But if a room is available and passing bikers needed a quiet place out of town for a peaceful night then a deal could be struck for 600thb/ per person dinner, bed, breakfast. Book by e-mail. Have a look, tell your friends, pop over and see me us passing. Got room for parking and a decent toolbox.
Steve Merchant.