HON CHONG (en route to Rach Gia) - Pt 7: Da Nang to Mekong Delta

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  1. Our return from Phu Quoc would be via Ha Tien despite the temptation to take an alternative hydrofoil direct to Rach Gia past Hon Nghe, reportedly the most beautiful island in the area & a revered pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Our destination was the area surrounding Hon Chong, around 30kms from Ha Tien on the way to Rach Gia.

    Hon Chong is STUNNING, surely one of the most photogenic places in Vietnam. There is no way my words could improve on the photos so I'll leave it to the images that follow:

    Approaching the Hon Chong area:


    Huge blocks of ice being supplied to fishing boats via make-shift ramps in Bai Duong:



    Near Hai Son Tu (Sea Mountain Temple):


    Chua Hang Grotto in which is found Hai Son Tu:


    Looking across to Hon Phu Tu (Father & Son isle). The 'Father', a taller stone on the first rocky outcrop on the left of the photo, was washed away in 2006, yet remains in many photos promoting the area:


    Yes, sunsets from here are sensational too! Come down & photograph some to share.
  2. On to Rach Gia, a town bustling with development, booming from apparently amongst other things, smuggling given its proximity to Cambodia.

    As with Ha Tien, the urban expansion being undertaken, especially along the coastline, is on a major level. Arriving at lunchtime we settled in for a long lunch at Hai Au situated magnificently overlooking Rach Gia's fishing fleet moored peacefully on the Cai Lon River. The outlook over the fishing Armada is one that will last with us forever, the colour regrettably somewhat lost in the need to compress the image for this report:


    Its fascinating to stroll the streets facing the boats; to witness life for many on a day to day basis:





    I took only the two shots of this woman at the edge of the dock, but it was no surprise to see the range of expression:



    In the 1860's one of the Vietnamese leaders against the French was a certain Nguyen Trung Truc & there's a temple in Rach Gia honouring his memory. It was Nguyen Trung Truc who torched the French warship, the 'Esperance'. He always avoided arrest in outsmarting the french until, after the French took his mother hostage he surrendred. He was executed by the French near Rach Gia's markets:


    Throughout our journeys through Vietnam we have been intrigued by the number of weddings we see every day of the week. Given the large population there's a comparable shortage of space for building, a consequence of which is that most wedding receptions are undertaken in tarpolins set up immediately in front of the bride's home - usually blocking one lane of the road or even highway if that's where the family happens to live. (I actually saw one lane of Highway 1A, Vietnam's main artery, taken up by villagers drying manioc!) This shot, though not of a street reception (given they must have greater means than most) is posted to show readers how they'll be expected to be attired if part of the bridal party:


    Anyone for a baloon?

  3. Great place Rod and colorful pictures. It seems that you have reach Paradise, or at least the sandbank leading to it. For the « lovely girl », was it the first or second shot, when she spotted your camera ? :)
  4. Hong Chong - if ever there was a place that merits the photographical prowess of the Jurgens, the hellbobs, the 2wheels & the Hohman's amongst us...........

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