Honda Bros

Dec 19, 2006
A friend of a friend of mine has an unregistered Honda Bros, about ten years old (I think), in reasonably good condition, and which he is offering to sell to me. My friend rode it for about six months in Chiang Mai without any problems (mechanical or police.

The owner is in the USA and is returning in a week or so. I believe he has an invoice, but I'm not entirely sure as I haven't talked to him yet. I know the bike has no plates.

Given this limited information, can anyone give me an idea of what is a reasonable price range? Should I even buy an unregistered bike? Is it possible to get third party insurance on an unregistered bike? Thanks for your help!
Apr 10, 2006
I've seen quite a few Honda Bros 400's for sale with numberplate ranging from about 35'000 - 45'000, I wanted to buy 1 but after having hired a 400 Bros and experiencing what a great bike they are I think I'll put a little more money and time into finding a 650 Bros which generally go for about 10'000 more than the 400 and are less common in Thailand.

Not sure of price without plate but I dont think I'd want to pay over about 25'000. As for riding a bike without numberplate it depends on where your going to be riding it, up north around Chiang Mai it doesn't seem to be a problem so much but I wouldn't want to ride a bike down here in Pattaya or in Bangkok without a numberplate, especially towards the end of the month when the police are running low on cash.