Honda CB450 Clubman Cafe racer - build it yourself!

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  1. Came across this very nice-looking Honda Clubman on the kneeslider website.
    The main parts like seat, tank and fairing are available as a kit - all you need is a CB 450 and some tools and you can build it yourself!
    Get more info here: ... il-little/

  2. Fixed :thumbup: cr450-cafe.
  3. <img src="" url].
  4. I don't get it - I've posted successfully before, doesn't seem to work now.
    I tried the direct link and the html code, which one is the right one?
    I'm having trouble with my Internet Explorer, it's way slow, but no virus.
    The computer is new, the C, D and E drives are empty!
  5. I have no idea why yours didn't work. If I copy and paste your #4 directly into a new post it works for me.
    Post #5 doesn't though.

    I'll do it again for ... 0-cafe.jpg


    p.s. you can use the 'preview function to see if it has worked before posting.

    Are you trying to link to this album?
  6. Thanks, guys, at least the pic is finally up!
    That's my album, I use photobucket exclusively for posting pics here, but this is the second time I had major difficulties, I just don't have the time for that.
    Even though a picture says a thousand words and I enjoy seeing posts by others...

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