Honda CBR 150 stolen in Bangkok


Jul 11, 2010
As I have two touring bikes and was not using my 1994 Honda CBR 150, I decided to lend it to a young man from Vietnam who studies at the university. I know his father and they are very honest and reliable people. Nothing happened for several months until one Sunday afternoon, the young man called me to say that the motorbike had been stolen. I have given him a good solid 6 mm chain to lock it with but he had not used it except at night. The bike disappeared in the late afternoon. I reported the theft to the police as a precaution, not because I ever expect to see the bike again, but in case the thief had an accident on it as the registered owner is in fact responsible for the bike an any accidents it might cause unless it is stolen and the theft is reported.

The bike was standing in a bike parking lot close to a major road, and it must have been easy for the thief to use a skeleton key or whatever they use to open locks. Some time before this happened a man and a woman were caught in the neighborhood. The man drove a van and parked it, then the woman waited in the van while he broke open ignition locks and steering column locks and either drove or pushed the bikes into the van. They had stolen over thirty bikes over a couple of months, and sold them for spares or in whole to others who knew they were stolen. I was also told by the police that there were several gangs in the Bangkok area that specialized in stealing motorcycles and cars and then selling them to Cambodia or Myanmar.