Honda CBR 150r 2009 Model (Carburetor Model)

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  1. 20090d1376483273-honda-cbr-150r-2009-model-carburetor-model-2013-07-31-13.07.47.jpg2009 Honda CBR150r, excellent condition, farang owned and only 24,500 kms. Newer chain, sprockets and Michelin Pilot Sporty tires. Economical to operate and my long term fuel economy average is 39 kpl. I have ridden this bike from Pattaya to Chiang Mai and felt very comfortable. Great in city driving as well, easy to maneuver between cars. Six speed, manual clutch. Only 36,000 baht. Chonburi plates, green book, taxed and insured.

    Reason for selling- I bought a CBR250R

    Billy 08 1409 1928

  2. ***SOLD!***

    A heads up- Pattaya DLT is requiring a Residence Certificate from the seller. They would not accept a copy of my Aug 2, 2013 letter that I used to buy a CBR250


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