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  1. Well all rumours at this point but my wife found this on a Thai site. It seems to suggest that the Honda CBR 250r is coming (going to be released) on the 27th. The site suggests that the price is going to be about 100,000 baht which will make it one hell of a competition for the ninja 250. Though this looks very similar ,according to this site, this is not the same bike as the new CBR 150 that is already up on the Honda Thailand site.







    Here is a link to the site that I found this at. I guess only time will tell for sure. No word on the Honda VFR 250.
  2. Hi Ryan, yes true, just read through the Thai website and here's some additions:
    1 cylinder, fuel injected, 4 stroke, 250cc, DOHC, 4 valves, emissions confirming to Euro 3 Standard, catalyst, and in two versions
    Standard for around THB 100,000.- and fitted with ABS price not yet known, yes and of course made in Thailand by same company that does the PCX.
    Let's only hope that this comes true. Personally I would have expected a 2 cylinder because with a single it will not be competition to the Ninja (performance) only pricewise but then here's the tiger 250 RS for less money, so let's say something of both competitors with more mphfff than the cheaper one and less satang as the quicker one......
    A bike that will be eagerly awaited by many young Thais and also some Farang who just want a reliable, comfortable commuter with more power than the 125's but still affordable.
    (Maybe that was the surprise at the Honda festival somewhere in Bangkok around this time..........can only remember to have read this in either Nation or the Post)
    Rgds, Franz
  3. Wow, it really does exist, and they're going to sell it in Thailand?! Bravo! :clap:

    I'd pretty much written of AP Honda, Thailand and was convinced Honda had pretty much given up on Thailand so it's cool to see this thing become reality.

    BUT... yeah, throwing a little thumper engine into a sportbike frame does not really a sportbike make...

    I've no doubt that the bike and the new engine are of typical Honda quality which is about the best in the business, but a Ninja 250R killer? I don't think so!

    Anyone seen Hp and torque specs for this bike yet?

    I find the C-ABS option quite revolutionary as I think this may well be one of the first mass produced 250cc motorcycles in the world to offer ABS. Bravo to Honda for offering it. Wonder how many Thais will be willing to pay for it? :wink:

    Ride On!

  4. Good news! Finally a move from Honda...

    But the low price surprises me - the PCX scooter and the upcoming CBR150R are a bit on the pricey side, compared to the Wave 125i at 50,000 THB; and now a 250 for not much more than the CBR150R?.

    Honda has always been more expensive than Kawasaki; why would they be that much cheaper when they don't need to?

    The KLX/Tracker 250 feature the same kind of engine, a watercooled 4 valve single with DOHC, they go for 150,000 THB.

    Lots of people would buy the CBR250R for the same price as the Ninja even if the Honda had 20% less power, simply because it's a Honda.

    In any case, I'm looking forward to hear "the sound of Singles"!
  5. Some pics and specs here:

    Here’s the Specifications that Honda has released for the CBR 250R:

    Sales name: CBR250R
    Model type: HondaMC41
    Overall length×Overall width×Overall height(m): 2.035×0.720×1.125
    Wheel base(m): 1.370
    Ground clearance(m): 0.145
    Seat height(m): 0.780
    Curb weight(kg): 161(STD)165(ABS)
    Riding capacity(No.ofpeople): 2
    Minimum turning radius(m): 2.5
    Engine type: CS250RE, liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC singlecylinder
    Displacement(cm³): 249
    Bore×Stroke(mm): 76.0×55.0
    Compression ratio: 10.7
    Fuel supply system: Programmed fuel injection system(PGM-FI)
    Starter type: Self-starter
    Ignition type: Full-transistor battery ignition
    Lubricating type: Wet sump
    Fuel tank capacity(L): 13
    Clutch type: Wet multiplate with coil springs
    Transmission type: Constant mesh 6-speed return
    Caster angle/Trail(mm): 25º00´/95
    Tire size Front: 110/70-17M/C
    Rear: 140/70-17M/C
    Brake type: Front Hydraulic disk
    Rear: Hydraulic disk
    Suspension type: Front Telescopic
    Rear Swingarm: Pro-link suspension system
    Frame type: Diamond
  6. The low price doesn't surprise me much because this bike can't compete with the Ninja 250R on specs, so it can only compete on price...

    When you consider that the ORIGINAL Honda CBR 250RR had a 4-stroke inline 4 cranking out 45hp at 18500 rpm, this new reincarnation with it's single cylinder engine and a claimed 26Hp comes up a bit short, no? :oops:

    It's more in the class of the Tiger Boxer 250RS than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R IMO...

    Ride On!

  7. The Ninja will definitely blow this Honda away when it comes to power and torque. And it's quite a different bike than the previous racer with the same name.

    Then again not everyone goes for power but for brand recognition, overall quality and a high resale value. For lots of people 26 horses are sufficient, especially locals who will make up 90% of the buyers.

    It's a Honda, it has a fairing, it makes more power than the KLX250 dirt bike which sells for 150,000 THB. The fact that a brand new sports bike made by Honda sells a third cheaper than a dirt bike made by Kawasaki surprises me.

    But I'm not complaining! The cheaper the better, all I'm saying is I'm positively surprised.

    The relatively unknown Tiger 250 with its simple air cooled engine does not compare, and the announced Sachs X Road 250 will collect dust on the showroom floor if it's priced the same as the Honda.
  8. I like the look of this bike and at least it will be physically bigger than the CBR150. I wonder if this new single cylinder engine will be used in a new version of the XR250?
  9. The CBR250 Honda is going to be the basis for the Moto3 class to begin in 2012 to replace the two stroke 125’s.
    So I expect you will see it develop into a pretty competitive bike between now and 2012.
    If they use the motor out of the CRF250 motor crosser if will have decent power and should be fast if they can get the weight down. However that 250 motor chews up pistons and needs rebuilding regularly to get the power it has.

    The Moto3 class will be multi-engine with prototype chassis and is designed to provide a cheap alternative to the current 125cc two-stroke format.

    The Australian, Spanish and Japanese and I imagine other countries already have national series for motocross-based 250cc four-stroke cylinder engines in a road racing chassis.

    The Moriwaki called MD250H that uses a modified CRF250 engine in an alloy beam chassis is raced in Australia and is more than competitive against the current 125 two strokes.

    Honda is currently testing a NSR250 which will be used in the Moto3 class.
    The bike shown above is very similar to the NSR and is a nice looking bike. It could be a surprise package if they use the Moto3 technology.
  10. I second that! A sportsbike is not what I need here, a supermoto would be perfect. Maybe with a small fairing so you could take it on the highway for short trips. Something like the Varadero 125, but with a bit more power. But the VTR engine would be perfect for a Varadero 250.

    The D-Tracker is a nice looking bike but too weak in stock form, you have to fiddle with it and spend another 10,000 Baht or so.

    I wonder which bikes sold better, the KLX/Tracker or the Ninja - does anybody have the sales figures? I see more Trackers around than KLX or Ninjas.

    I liked the CBR150R, but wanted something a bit bigger, stronger, "meatier", with better suspension, seat and brakes. The CBR250R is just that.
  11. Pardon My Lack of Knowledge but how many HP is the 250 Ninja? I rode one and thought it was like riding in Syrup! Couldn't pull the Skin off a Rice Pudding!!! I personally think the Honda has twice the looks of the Ninja and it may well surprise People with it's Performance as it is Lighter than the Ninja and it is a "Honda" !!! Now Next Question: where is their 250cc Enduro Bike to Compete with the KLX??? That would be a Bike!
  12. Honda do make two nice endure bikes. I purchased one for my 12 year old son in Australia. The CRF230F
    The air cooled and very cheap CRF230F has only a kick start. Only about 15kw of power, so it is not powerful by any means. But it is a great kids bike that lasts. Dry weight is 108 kilograms.
    Then there is the CRF250X. This is the full enduro model with electric start and water-cooled engine. It makes about 28kw . It is more than power full enough but has a reputation of wearing pistons and valves quickly. It weighs 114 kilograms.
    I believe a detuned version of this motor is being used in the new CBR250R

    Then the CRF250R moto crosser which puts out an amazing 37kw of power. This is the motor that Honda is testing in the Moto3 NSR version of the new CBR250 in this post.
    I have the mighty CRF450R and it is a beast.
  13. Ian, me thinks the Ninja250 has about 33 HP, TonyBkk rode it lying flat on it with around 165km/h near Kanchanaburi years ago. Yes, the more 250 enduro's & dirtbikes the happier we get...... :mrgreen: , cheers, Franz
  14. Lolz! "Pull the skin off rice pudding" :lol-sign:


    The little Ninjette cranks out about 33Hp in stock form which is about 28Hp at the wheel on most dyno tests. Thing is you don't get into the powerband until you wind it up to around 9000 RPM and it redlines up around 13500 RPM if I remember right... Point being, yeah, it's totally gutless at lower revs, but if you keep it wound up like a 2-stroke it's actually a very fun little bike and with it's light weight and excellent handling it can give bigger bikes a run for their money on tight twisty mountain roads.

    Honda says the new CBR 250 puts out 26 or 28Hp at the crank (figures vary), so that'll be perhaps ~22 Hp give or take at the rear wheel? Bleh... And it's a single so redline will be low but it might have more torque than the Ninjette... Have to wait until the bike goes on sale and someone gets it on a dyno to know the real figures.

    Time will tell, but methinks a Ninjette killer this CBR250 is not... It's a shame Honda didn't use the VTR250 engine in this new CBR. Then it could have given the Ninja 250R a run for it's money.

    Also, from what I've read so far fuel efficiency of the new CBR250 and the Nina 250R are about the same. This means the Ninjette will have a much longer range than the CBR thanks to the larger tank.

    We'll have to wait until this new CBR 250 goes on sale and gets thoroughly tested before we jump to any conclusions, but from what we know of it so far, I'd say it will fall right between the Tiger Boxer 250RS and the Kawasaki Ninja 250R in terms of price and performance.

    Ride On!

  15. Does anyone know if the PGM-FI system can be remapped or reprogrammed incase you were to change a few things like the exhaust or airfilter?
  16. As the bike isn't on sale yet I really doubt anyone will know the answer to that question...
  17. I thought this particular fuel injection system is Honda's own and is used on quite a few bikes already. If the sysytem is programmed then I wonder if you could take it to a Honda dealer and get it reprogrammed?
  18. Perhaps the FI isn't new but the ECU must be and that's what you would be re-programming. I know there are aftermarket ECU's available for the old CBR150. Not a clue about the new model but time will tell! Ride On! Tony
  19. I stopped by two Honda dealers today, the one in Phuket Town said: "Next month! Next month!" and had no info on the price of either bike.

    The one in Patong had heard of the new 150cc but was surprised when I mentioned the 250. Also no price.

    If you are riding bigger bikes like the 650 Ninjas or up, the little 250s won't do much for you. But for people used to Wave 125, CBR 150R, PCX 125, Tiger or Phantom 200 the new CBR250R is an exciting bike and quite a step up.

    As Oscar Wilde may have said: "I envy you for everything you don't have." ;-)
  20. Looks like an interesting bike, although I would not say it was beautiful. Too fancy for my simple tastes, somehow. But others will surely disagree.
  21. Shame they didn't bring the VTR 250 instead. That one could have given the Ninja 250R a run for its money. It would be more appropriate to call this new 250cc honda single a CB250 or something along those lines. The CBR implies sportbike, and other than the fancy fairings I don't see what makes this new honda a CBR... But it will be cheap and no doubt very reliable so I'm sure it will sell well. The more choices the better! Happy Trails! Tony
  22. Yesterday I was at the Bang Seang MotorWeek 2010 and Honda has a big stand with the new CBR150r and the new CBR250r. I always tought that the bike's were 95% identical (except for the engine) but now seeing them together I can see it are different bikes. Different frame. Looks like a nice bike but .... you can see the price in the quality.

    But still price-wise a nice bike but nor a real motor. For a second I had been thinking of buying it and modifying it to a straight-up riding position and get rid of most of the stupid fairing. But I am not so sure about that anymore .... not much choice in new legal bikes in Thailand that do not have price that are over the top (like BMW).
  23. Right, this bike is a cheap entry level bike that will be sold in lots of countries, including India, where it should sell real well.
    I've ridden the little CBR 150R and haven't had any gear box trouble, only had to replace the cam chain tensioner after 20K km.
    Hondas are high quality but not perfect!
    The seating position is quite upright, not like on a CBR 600, watch the videos on youtube. Tony's right, this bike should have been called CB250, like the old singles.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this little bike turns out to be the "VW Beetle" of motorcycles, maybe in a few years you'll see it everywhere.
  24. CBR250R9.
    Thanks to Bike Advice.
  25. Klaus, you gonna get this one yourself ? Seems like a nicely engineered cheap allrounder.....cheers, Franz

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