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  1. I'm selling my trusty CBR - time for a new one! It's the violet/orange/red REPSOL version, about 4 years old. Good condition, just bled the brakes, pads are good, doesn't need anything. About 20K km, new chain and sprocket set, front and rear tires. 35K baht, a new one is around 65K baht. Bike is in the Prachuap Kiri Khan area, 400km south of BKK.
  2. I've got a CBR150R as well. Brown with black decals. I was thinking of selling it. Only 17k on the clock and in good condition. But I thought I'd be pushing to get 30,000.

    Klaus did you manage to sell yours?
  3. Hi Bush Pilot,

    I think that's about right. Mine is just over 2 years old and my first thought was 25k. But this bike is too good to give away at 25k when you consider you could pay between 20 and 25k for poxy secondhand Honda Wave.
  4. There shouldn't be any problem with a change over provided we have 50 copies of everything and duplicate copies of the 50 copies. And 10 different sizes of photo's. Geez they make things hard sometimes don't they. And yet 90% of the morons on the road in cars and on bikes have no license and most likely no rego either.

    I'm away in New Zealand at the moment and my bike is in storage in Hangdong. I should be back after songkran. This is a good example of a CBR150R, I'm an ex race mechanic, and do all the service work myself and have this bike running really sweet, runs on full synthetic oil and gets new oil every 2000 to 3000 ks. I also replace the airfilter every time I service it. Anyway if I do decided to sell it when I arrive back I'll post it on the forum. Like I said before it would be a steal around 25-30k. I'm going to buy a trail bike so may not have too much use for it. Time will tell.

    Klaus, I'm sorry mate I seemed to have taken over your post. Best of luck with selling your machine. Mines a while off being for sale anyway. Cheers.
  5. Hello there - and sorry for not replying sooner. I had major trouble in registering here. Tried both my email addresses, new usernames and passwords, but was given a computerized run-around. Emailed John-O who tried to help; finally logged in with a new third email address, new password and new username. Should have thought of that earlier but didn't want to change my old password which was 100X82, the license plate of my XR650L in the US.

    Well then, what is the price of a used CBR150 and what is it worth?

    I thought I'd get 35K for a 4 year old Repsol "Champion" edition, which, as I was told, was 2000 baht more than the same bike in red, blue or black. Not too many on the road. Got offers for 27K, people tried to bargain. The bike looks and runs like new, has new parts and fortunately I don't have to sell it. Some posters here think 25K baht realistic, but I look at it this way: a clean bike, special edition, well taken care of, farang-owned, with new parts and only 20k km on the clock should be worth more than half the price of a new bike. You may differ; I'm used to that! So I keep it, it's not for sale anymore. I know I'll keep it for many years and will put 5 times as many km on it.
    I was in Hua Hin last Thursday and Friday to have the valves adjusted since in my town they think valves are spokes or some such.
    So maybe it was good that I couldn't log in after all! - Klaus
  6. Hello Klaus,

    I reckon you should get 30k all day long for that bike. I think under 30K mine isn't worth selling either. I only have 17K on the clock and the bike is in excellent condition. So hang in there mate and stick to your price. I'd rather keep mine than give it away cheap. I have no need to sell mine either, its a great bike to ride around town and far better to ride than a Honda Wave.

  7. Pictures of the bike can be seen here:
    Tried to post that earlier but couldn't get in. See for yourself if this bike is clean!
    You're right, it's far better than a Honda Wave - I wouldn't do a 700km day or a 3000km trip to Cambodia on one of those!
    It's a keeper.
  8. K2, you're right, CBR 150 Rs are a canny bike to have and own. They are set to become something of a classic bike if the rumours of the line being discontinued next year are true.

    Either way 35,000 baht for a well maintained machine like that is reasonable.
    2nd hand bikes in LOS can be a dicey thing, can be a good thing to have a previous farang owner, especially on sports bikes.

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