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Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by Ian Bungy, May 2, 2012.

  1. OK Guys seems like all the Gossip, Hearsay, Rumours and Utter Bull is Over! The New CRF250L is officially here! I was in Niyom Panich around Lunchtime today. They had a White one on Display with a Group of Guys standing around it! The Young Sales Guy came over to me so I said Straight Can I Buy it! He said YES! I Paid the Deposit filled in some Papers and now wait arrival in 2 to 3 Weeks. I ordered a Red one by the way, Good Honda Colours!
    Price I Paid was 134,900 Baht. I get a Free Helmet with it, Wow!
    This is a Promotional Price which Lasts for 15 Days after which it will increase by 5000 Baht to 139,900 Baht.
    There are No Extras or Accessories available for it Yet and the Salesman expects them to come over the next few Months? Now the Next Question was is it Restricted I asked??? Yes the Salesman said, It is Restricted to a Top Speed of wait for it.....140kmh!!! I think He misunderstood as seems hard to believe that but I will Wait and see? Can't wait to Run it in, get a few Extras on it and compare it to My KLX which I think goes pretty well!!!
    So there You have it. End of all the Threads, Time to start New ones on How they Go and How to get more out of them!!! Good Luck Gentleman!!!
  2. Congrats on the new bike Ian!

    Can't wait to hear your review once you've had a chance to put a few kilometers on it.

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy5:
  3. Thanks for the update Ian & congrats for your soon arriving new CRF250L
    i think the topspeed(restricted) of 140kph is quite a speed for this bike- but it makes it really a dual purpose possibly focusing more on road use ( which would be the most suitable for my use anyways). If i had chosen now i would have also taken the red one . Looking forward to your report about it.
    happy trails,

  4. Nice one Ian - the red ones do go faster! :D
    Pricing appears to be deliberately giving Kawasaki a run for their money.
    Looking forward to your first impressions.
  5. Well done that man,and Honda Thailand on the superb pre-ememtive release.
    And could it be possible that a GT rider bought the first one.
    They're not even released any where else in the world yet I don't think.

    Looking forward to write up
  6. Thanks, Ian. Following your lead, I went in and booked one today - a white one. The Niyom sales guy told me that they would have the official CRF250L opening tomorrow. They want to fill 10 orders for the first lot which should be delivered within the next 3-4 weeks. The welding finishes look much better than the one they had at the Motor show. This is going to be my first motorbike. I hope it would be suitable for an inexperienced rider.
  7. Ha they must have read what i said about the crap welding on the show bikes :p
  8. Congrats Ian, I might go for one too soon... Probaly my first Honda :)

    I think the BKK motor show job was a classic Thai face saving maneuver... Bike not ready, but was promised, so somebody welded one together overnight, or they used the first prototype, something like that.

    It costs more than the cbr 250 yet nobody is complaining about the price so far - I think Honda was wise to not release a suggested MSRP this time. Same prices, fewer complaints :) :)
  9. You done well to find those close up photos Maha, and it dos indeed look like they have found some better welders to do there frames. I will be very interested to hear how much weight that can be scapped off the bike of course that will be for the guys that are not all that worried about worranty but that exhaust system looks like it would have to weigh up to 10kg.
  10. Honda in nakhonsawan just quoted 130.000 thb for the crf 250L and they have one there too which i took pictures of ...even testsat on it and must say it is quiet comfortable for this style of bike.

    here the pics i made today
  11. 130k - interesting. I wonder how low they can go... Should ask at one of those dealers that sell the cbr250 for 100k.... Unfortunately I dont know of one in CM

    Sat on one today at HK road Honda dealer in CM. 134,900 and 1 month wait. The bike looks very nice, but its noticeably lower than the KLX.

    It occurred to me that this one is not a no brainer deal like the CBR/Ninja was - the price is pretty close to the KLX, some things might be better, others worse. HFL liked this bike so much in part because its the same price as the CBR250 - clearly not the case in Thailand.

    I think I'll wait for Ian's verdict...
  12. Congrats Ian, I´m very keen to hear your first ride experiances on it. And right, Italians and Hondas must be red.
  13. Could always make a frankenstein klx front forks or for that mater if the motor is better then the klx nip and tuck and pop the motor in to a klx frame, if you can put a CR500 motor in to a CR250F frame or even a 250 KTM frame anything is possible might be a good business for me to start... want a longer swing arm, Ally frame, 2 more inches of ground clearence, can do :p
  14. It's a shame Honda didn't make this bike to be something worthy of potential. That motor- while good business sense to use an existing engine, just seems to be too big (and most likely heavy) for the bike. Just look at how low it sits in the frame. They should have made a dedicated engine for it, they are, after all, The Big H. How many motorcycle engines have they produced over the years? I wish it was a 200k Baht bike, aluminium frame, better and more compact engine, adjustable suspension. I would be all over it......As it is and for the price, you get what you pay for. Pretty mediocre. People will be happy with them, they will be ultra reliable, they will have street appeal and they will sell loads of them but I think it has fallen short of what it should have been. Honda will crow and the majority of buyers only care for the bottom line-how cheap it is. Deposits will be made, finance will be given and there will be many happy riders abandoning their waves, finos and PCX's for one. You couldn't make it into something decent with any amount of money, the basics just aren't there. I am still after one though or the KLX, may they best bike win! (Right now I am leaning towards the KLX - Honda will have had to come up with something pretty special to better it)
  15. Hear Hear Bung what you said is so true about the CRF250L, even my KLX stripped down is okay but the thing is if it was a two stroke motor it would be so much lighter again mind you i have now had my KLK up to top speed and god knows it was a bit to wind it up all the way but got a 148km i am quit happy with that but my CR500 will still get on one wheel in 4th at that speed "but yes we are talking Thailand, and i am well aware of the emissions crap that thay put on bikes but how many times have you had to hold your breath when you are behind a guvernment bus at the lights so on, seems to me like they should be looking at heavy vehicles if they really want to make inroads in cutting emissions but hey!! they dont give a sh.t what we have to say ... mind you they did fix up the wielding on the CRF250L frames so maybe they do read what we have to say who knows.
    But if any of you guys are interested in Ally frames or mods to frame work i would like to hear as goodness knows i would like to stay home and do a ... bit :wink: than leave my family all the time to fix the bank balance.

    happy days Guys :angel:
  16. There was a booth at the Bangkok Motor Show this year run by a company that makes aftermarket Aluminum motorcycle swingarms and frames- very cool stuff! They seemed to specialize mostly in small bikes like the KSR110 but I imagine they could produce frames for other bikes too. Now where did I put that business card...
  17. The swingarm on the CRF-L is one of the good things on that bike. It would be the last thing to change.
  18. I Picked up My New CRF last Saturday after i returned from the Harley Ride. I could have got it Friday so the Wait was actually only 1 Week! I received a New Index Helmet which was not Much! Straight to the Petrol station as it only had Fumes in the Tank. Bike is really quiet and runs really Smooth! In General the Finish and Quality I would say is better than the KLX? But there are some things I found surprising, like No Rev Counter, although this is pretty normal for Honda! Given it has a Digital Dash i wouldn't have thought it would have cost much to include it? No Folding Tip on the Gear Lever? So My next stop was Kawasaki and Brought a KLX Gear Lever with the Folding Tip to replace the Solid Honda One?
    I also Brought some Hand Guards
    Next went to the "Motocross Shop" by Triumph to get some Alloy Handle Bars to replace the standard Steel ones. The alloy ones are slightly Wider also.
    Back to the X-Centre to fit the Parts. I was keen to See if the Bike was Restricted in any way? So I gave it one Burst and it pulled to 125kmh and still going so no restriction there as the KLX when New wouldn't pass 105kmh!!! Once it is Run in should be able to know the Top speed and real Performance.
    Nice Looking Bike and smooth clean Lines.


    It has the Seat strap as most Bikes do
    Which just happens to be right where most People Sit when on the Road!!! So I removed that.
    Standard Handle Bars.
    To fit the New Alloy Bars takes a while as You have to Mark and Drill New Locating Holes for the Switch Gear and Throttle Control so a little bit of work but the End Result is much better, both in looks and protection for both the Levers and Your Hands.


    Now the Gear lever required a bit More Work! I had to Re-Bend the KLX lever to Match the Honda one then Cut off the Spline Clamp and cut the lever to shorten it to Match! Then Re-weld the Spline Clamp and give it a new coat of Paint! The end result is worth it again!

    The CRF only has one Radiator, It has been really Hot this week and I have noticed the Fan on when I was in Heavy Traffic around Town but I have never seen the Temperature Warning Light on so will have to wait and see if this is an Issue especially for some of the Guys who do the Really Serious Off Road stuff?
    I Rode it around the Samoeng Loop and it handles better than My KLX and is incredibly Smooth! I have had a few Friends come out here and Ride both the CRF and My KLX which I think goes really well! They all preferred the CRF, I have actually had 4 Friends Order one since I got Mine and they tested it!!! Anyway what ever I am Very Happy with it and only Time will tell if it can stand up to a Good Thrashing over the Long term!
    For Guys in Chiang Mai if You are unsure which Bike You would choose between the KLX and the CRF, POP Rental near Thapae Gate already has quite a few Brand New CRF for Rent so get together with a Mate and Rent one of Each then Run them back to back and swap around? I would be interested to hear which Bike most people prefer?
    Good Luck Guys! By the way the Accessory Range is supposed to arrive end of next week? There is nothing available in the shop right now.
  19. Great report, looks like a nice bike ..... with 17inch wheels it would fit my legs.

    When riding yesterday in a very small town in the middle of nowhere I was surprised to see a full-range Honda showroom, but more surprised to see 2 CRF's in that showrooms while I have not yet seen them in KK.

    No Folding Tip on the Gear Lever? That must be a design flaw! Or just stupidity ....

    Chang Noi
  20. More likely a cost saving measure, but not to worry, as Ian reported, folks are replacing the stock gear pedal with the one off the Kawasaki KLX250- it's a pretty easy fit and costs less than 300 Baht! Way to go Honda-saki! :lol-sign:
  21. Congrats on the new bike and thanks for showing us. I have a deposit down as well. I nearly bought an aftermarket lever as I am here in the US. The CRF 250x/r ones looked close but thought better of it as it doesn't have to be out by much to make it unusable. I am sure there will be a ton of stuff available for these bikes soon not to mention Hondas own catalogue. It will be hard not to be ordering up a storm from that. Good that Honda have done that, it will be interesting over the net few months what is going on with this bike.
  22. Thank you Ian for allowing Well and I to take your CRF for a bit of a spin. First impression - very smooth, height was good , seems to do everything you want it to , quiet and basically a heck of a lot of fun to ride. Sorry for bringing it back dirty , didnt realise that spot was so mushy. Later in the day went by 2 POP rentals near Tapei gate and counted 8 new white CRF's for hire .
  23. Got quotes on a total of 6 pieces of add ons from Honda - skid plate, rear rack, hand guards and some other bits, 8,000 baht. Sounds like a really fair price, especially considering what these things go for when imported. Kawasaki wanted 5,000 for hand guards... (ok they're they imported OEM branded ones but still... why don't they make some here?)
  24. Did you notice the tail tidy for sale and the price? The hand guards, are they the Acerbis ones for B5000? I may pick up a set here in the US and carry them home if so.

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