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  1. I'm sure I've read something about this on the forum, but I cannot find it using the search facility -- so please excuse me if I am repeating information. I picked up my new Honda CRF250L a few weeks ago. The dealer did a very good job of explaining everything about the bike, in Thai, so this was to the misses. Of course the owner's handbook is also in Thai. We asked the sales lady about an English version. Maimi = No have. So I phoned AP Honda in Bangkok ( 02 757 6111 ) and spoke to someone in English. All I told them was that I'd bought the bike from Asia City. He immediately said ' Borwin ' which is the town where I bought it. He said he'd send an English version by e-mail, but then could not do this for some ' legal ' reason. The dealer called us within the hour to say AP Honda had been in touch with them, and they were BRINGING an English version owner's manual to the dealer the next day. Well, we all know T.I.T. but to my delight, the sales lady called again the next day to tell us the manual had been received by them, and they'd send it out with the registration book ( still no number plates though ). I now have an English version owner's handbook. OK., it's A4 size, and about half an inch thick. I have to say well done Honda, and well done Asia City Motorcycles. :thumbup:
  2. .....and one of the most interesting things I have read in the owner's manual is the maximum carrying capacity of the CRF250L -- 119kg -- so that's me and a couple of sarnies and leave the misses at home :happy2:
  3. I wouldn't take that too seriuosly - I have traveled with 130kg total on a 135cc Nouvo, no problems, so a 250 with much better frame and suspension shouldn't pose any problems!
  4. Suffice to say you won't be doing this with the Honda CRF250L

  5. The owner's manual states a curb weight of 144kg and a weight capacity of 159 kg which includes rider, passenger, all luggage and accessories. See page 106.
  6. Interesting KZ25, our owners handbooks have conflicting information it seems. May I ask you how old your bike is ? I bought my bike just under 2 months ago. I've just got the Thai owners handbook from the bike. On page 106 it shows me how to adjust the back brake light switch. However, on page 121 the last item on the page says carrying capacity 119kg. Also on page 121 it shows the kerb weight as 147kgs. The English version which was printed in 2012 confirms these weights, 119kg and 147kg respectively. Do we have different bikes ?
  7. Well I downloaded the manual meallem posted on another Honda thread here; I guess it's the European version for the 2013 CRF250L since it says HondaMotorEurope in the link. Check out this link:

    On the second page of the introduction country codes are listed, E for UK, F for France, ED for European direct sales (whatever that means) and U for Australia and NZ. So there may be slight differences, the difference of 3 kg in the curb weight may be the result of some minor changes, but I can't imagine that specs like weight capacity would vary that drastically.
    Common sense would agree with the above manual - any 250cc should be able to carry 159 kg. This bike is designed for two-up with luggage, 119 kg simply won't do.
  8. My handbook has CRF250LD(TH), so I agree with you that there could be differences especially as your average Thai rider probably only weighs around 50kg. My dilemma is, do I tell the misses so she gets to come along, or do I keep her in the dark and just take the sarnies ? Only joking, she has been on the back but only the once so far -- got to keep the weight down whilst running in so as not to labour the engine etc. Interesting though.....and thanks for the information :thumbup:
  9. My ex weighs 50 kg, so does my 13-year-old daughter. Lots of Thai guys are the same height as me, 5'10", or taller, and weigh around 70 kg. Two average Thais should be 120+ kg, easy.
    I don't believe that Honda changes its manual according to the weight of people, and there shouldn't be any changes in the frame of the Thai model (all models are made here).
    So there should be one official figure for all countries when it comes to weight capacity.
    I googled "max weight capacity" for a CBR 250 which has a simpler frame than the CRF. There also seems to be some confusion about the figures for different countries:
  10. Maximum load of a Yamaha Nouvo 135 is 160 kg (353 pounds). A CRF250L should have at least a 200 kg capacity.

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