honda nx 650 dominator info wanted

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  1. frankc

    frankc Active Member

    Hi all ,

    looking to upgrade from my XL250 and have found NX650 in okay condition(no not the one in CM) DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO CHECK THE YEAR ?? and any other info would be much apreciated ,

    thanks Frank in Pattayaland!!
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  3. oneton

    oneton Ol'Timer

    I sold an NX650 in Pattaya approx 3 years ago to the big shop on Sukhumvit who had a customer for it. I know there were not many in Thailand total. Mine was red, MPH speedo, still had the toolkit!!. I renewed the brake pipes (which were dated 1991), and I think the manufacture date was still on the wheels? Sound like the one Frank??

  4. frankc

    frankc Active Member

    Hi Oneton,
    hi Oneton
    thanks for the info ,
    sounds like the same machine,will go for another look tomorrow and check the speedo,

    any ideas on what it would be worth now as they are asking 100k+plus at the moment with book and plates?
    I have had a look at the web info and sounds as if it a reasonable dual purpose bike and easy on the fuel,
    have a plan to do a ride up to Chaing Mai and over to Pai later in the year,
    how did you find the reliability and did you find any parts for it local?

    would appreciate your comments

    thanks FRANK C
  5. oneton

    oneton Ol'Timer

    Hi Frank
    I sent more info via the profile page on this site to your private address (I hope!!) Post again if you didn't receive.
  6. mikethevigo

    mikethevigo Ol'Timer

    is it the one in siam motorcycles ?
  7. frankc

    frankc Active Member

    Hi Mike ,
    yep thats the one ,its in the Pattaya shop ,not sure if they have any others?

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