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    The bike has been sold through the Baht&Sold website. Thanks for looking.

    I have a nice 2005 Phantom for sale in Chiang Mai. The bike is in excellent condition and has had two farang owners. The first owner only drove it 1000 km. I bought it in October and now the clock shows approximately 5200 km. It is a sweet ride but I want to move up to a Honda CBR250.

    It comes with racks and Harley side bags, a windshield and some other farkles. The previous owner had it all decked out in Harley gear with platform foot rests and a crash bar but I removed those to improve cornering -- the crash bar was too low to clear the ground on tight corners. The bike is virtually brand new and there isn't a scratch on it. Very sharp!

    I had some maintenance done recently by Pipat at Chiang Mai Bikers Shop (an excellent shop I should add). The previous owner installed a new new battery this September, and Pipat replaced the air filter, spark plug and brake fluid (1,400 baht).

    I have the original Green Book and the bike is already registered and insured for next year 2012 (2556).
    Price reduced: Asking 60,000 baht (cash only)
    12/06/2011 - Bike sold for 60,000 THB

    Attached files 273574=6324-2005%20Phantom%20engine%20IMG_0529. 273574=6323-2005%20Phantom%20headlamp%20IMG_0528. 273574=6320-2005%20Phantom%20Left%20Side%20IMG_0522. 273574=6321-2005%20Phantom%20Left%20Side%20R%20IMG_05223. 273574=6325-2005%20Phantom%20rear%20IMG_0527. 273574=6322-2005%20Phantom%20Right%20Side%20R%20IMG_05224.

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