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Discussion in 'Technical' started by globalgypsy, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Hi guys,
    I've cleaned out the carburator for my wife's Honda Steed 400. It has a KeiHin carb. On the Harleys, we normally throw them away, if they come with one and put an S&S or Mikuni on instead, so I know nothing about KeiHins.
    It was running too rich,with no more option to lean it out, so I took it apart to see if there was dirt between the needle and seat. There wasn't. I looked at the main jet and it's a #98. Does anyone know where I can find a smaller main jet for a KeiHin (around 95) or a good aftermarket carb for a Honda Steed 400?
    Also, where can I buy a carb kit in Chiang Mai?

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    Tyga Performance in Pattaya ask for Matt.
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    If the bike is stock then one wonders why it is running rich? Replaced the air filter? Bird's nest in the airbox? Restriction in the exhaust?
    Maybe the previous owner replaced the carb with a "local" after market two-stroke carb which would explain the richness, bigger jets. Check the model type on the bike or check the local bike shops and markets to see if you can spot your carburettor.

    If carburettor and bike are still stock, it is probably float height. Have you checked that?

    If you do some Kehin surfing you may find the correct model and jetting.
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    If the bike was ok then developed the richness dont go changing jets to fix the problem.
    check the choke system, the needle jet (emulsion tube), float height, air filter etc.
    You can buy jets at either of the two spare parts shops in Chiang Moi Rd, but determine first what range of the throttle position is causing the problem by doing some plug chops, first at full revs to see if it is in the main circuit (main jets) then get that right then work your way backwards- needle - pilot - mixture screw, If all this sounds to daunting give me a call and ill go through the proceedure with you.
    John 0871796944
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    Kurt, have a much simpler easier solution......

    I know this really sexy pink Phantom for sale....
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    Quite right. I forgot the first rule of troubleshooting.
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    It was running rich since I got it and was a pig on gas, but, being lazy as I am, I kept running it that way, rather than having to fart around with it. Recently, I had it painted and the tank fixed (it was leaking). When I got it back, it wouldn't start anymore. Pulled the plugs... all soaking wet. Cleaned them, put them back in, got a burp and that was it. Took them out again...soaking wet again...
    My first assumption was that a piece of dirt might have gotten stuck between the needle and seat. So I took the carburator apart, cleaned it all up, made sure it was set up o.k. and put it back together. Haven't installed it in the bike yet, because I just got back from a four day run around Chiang Rai on the Harley.
    Hopefully, I will have time in the next two days and will install it again and see what happens.
    My first feeling was, when I bought it a couple of years ago, that someone changed the main jet to a bigger size, because they thought they would get more power, but all they did was burn black and waste fuel.

    Thanks for all the info and tips, guys. That's great. I know that taking anything to a Thai repair shop is not a good idea, because the 5 big bike shops I used so far ( I won't mention names ), are absolutely clueless. So I have decided to start doing all the work myself again. A little bit of a learing curve, since I suffer from head injuries and forget everything I learn within a very short time, but once in a while something does stick to my brain and that should put me ahead of most Thai big bike shops, I think.

    So since the big ran (even though a little rich), before I had the tank fixed and painted, would make me think that a dirt got into the carb, does that make sense to you guys?
    The only other thing that I can think of is, that my bike doesn't like Mon and doesn't want to be ridden by her ;-)


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