Honda Win 100cc For Sale Vientianne

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    aoKIjG7gYgjoi9pVg-fEtBQAUCGc7JMM7YvYwKvaI-BFAxYcmdKMf7jucfmYdsJqRG70ZFKjGycYZRkBCZCyfkf0zsZlzluQ. In great condition, has had oil changed and maintenance has been done.

    Rode it up from South Vietnam but now it is time for me to go home, so sadly I must sell my friend.

    It's parked outside Funky Monkey Hostel, Francois Ngin Rod, Ban Mixay, Vientiane, Laos

    Come by and see it or call me and I can ride it to wherever you are! Feel free to ask me any questions about the bike, my travels, or anything else! I traveled SE Asia by all means of transportation until I bought this bike, and it is definitely the best way to travel!

    Asking price: 300$ USD CALL 02098412719
    Email [email protected]

    Includes: Helmet with face shield, rain gear and bungee cord
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