Honda win 100cc - Vientiane

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    Honda win 100ccBought in 2005
    Vietnamese plate (a good thing, it's the only way to cross Cambodia and Vietnamese borders, feel free to ask me for further details about border crossing).

    Include : Large back-rack, lock, 2 good helmet, 1 large rain coat, a toolkit, some emergency spare part, and a bottle handler !

    We want 300$ for it

    We have been traveling for 3 months with this awesome and reliable bike, with 2 people on it, through Vietnam and Laos. It's nice to go off-road, very good suspensions and a comfortable saddle to ride for hours. It have been fully serviced a few days ago to make sure we sell a reliable bike. We changed the piston, valves, engine joins, timing chain, light, horn, front tire + air chamber + wheel bearing. The electric part have also been reviewed one month ago (new CDI and alternator).

    I would be more than happy to give you some advices about the countries we visited and how to ride there.

    Available in Vientiane around the 5-10 of February (flexible dates depending on the buyer).

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