Honda win 110 and Honda Bonus custom 125 for sale in Cambodia

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    We have 2 motorbikes for sale, both purchased in Saigon with Vietnamese registration documents and We will be in Cambodia from the 2/8/2014 until the 12/8/2014, making appearances at Sihanoukville, Phnom phen and Siem riep before flying to Bangkok. Mae (the win) has been a faithful mule and is more than capable of the varying terrain we encountered from South to North Vietnam. Even the northern mountain roads up to Sapa with their stunning views were no problem.

    Frankie is something of a monster having been custom built by HCMC Motorbikes, transforming a Honda Bonus into a hybrid mud beast that is perfect for those excursions to tourist sites off the beaten path. Both bikes have been well maintained with various upgrades added along the way, and both come with helmets, ponchos, extensive bag of mechanical goodies and some friendly maintenance/travel advice over drinks.

    Bikes can be bought separately with Mae at $350 and Frankie at $500. Bought as a pair for $700.

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