Honda win 110 cc for sale - $250

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    After traveling through Vietnam and Cambodia we are selling our Honda Win.
    Very good shape, we ve been travelling for 60 days, changing the oil every 500km and the motorbike worked perfectly fine. It was an amazing experience,
    we got to know many little towns and places out of the track. We totally recommend to make a trip like this.
    The bike has a new batery, new sparkle and new front and back brakes.
    Right now we are in Seam Reap but we will be in Phnom Penh in a few days.
    Price: $250.

    The motorbike includes:
    -Vietnamese registration papers (blue card), so you can ride across Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, without encounter any problem.
    -2 helmets.
    -Bungee straps
    -2 motorbike rain coats

    We bought the bike for $300 in Ha Noi, we put some money on it but we have to travel to Indonesia in a few weeks so we need to sell it.
    We were two people on the bike and it did very good. Suspension is ready to support heavy weights and also is the rack, big enough for
    two 70 litre backpacks.

    If you have any question or any request you can contact us at:
    [email protected]

    We can send pictures and answer any question.

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