Honda Win: Chiang MAI Thailand Must sell

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  1. Ian Kalway

    Ian Kalway New Member

    I have a Honda Win for sale in Chiang Mai. I purchased it from a friend who drove from hanoi vietnam to pai, thailand.

    Bike is running and used everyday. Needs small fixes (headlights aren't currently working) but the bike is running very well right now.

    Nagaki engine (replaced the previous engine and this is working much better)

    Can sell With or without the box.

    8000 Baht without the box. (roughly 250 USD)

    I must sell this asap.




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  3. Ian Kalway

    Ian Kalway New Member


    Thai Number- 0807940807

    [email protected]

    I live right in Chiang Mai near Airport plaza off Mahidol

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