honda win for sale in hoi an

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  1. did the northwest and headed down from hanoi , am in hoi an now and looking to spend the new year here, honda win has brought me up the hills down the slopes, and pretty much got me through my whole vietnam adventure for the past 2 weeks,looking to take a train to hcmc due to visa constraints and dont wanna go through hassle of putting the bike on the train. i got new sprockets for it and new battery, looking for a quick sale in hoi an looking at around 250-300, comes with proper papers and good advices, and contact to sell it to in hcmc if needed.

    drop me a text or call:)
    +84 1277 4649 52
  2. Shing,
    Are you still leaving on Jan 12th?
  3. hey rod i am leaving on the 10th in hcmc, just sold the bike in hoi an , and heading to danang tomorrow for a few days and to sort out my train to hcmc:)
  4. oy Minger, text me your singapore number, so i can give you an update on thiet. F/B in HCM is slower than a shing on a win, And i lost your e-mail

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