Honda XLR 250 For Sale

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  1. Honda XLR 250 for sale. 45,000 baht with plate. Bike approx 10 yrs old. Suspension's a bit soft, but otherwise a mechanically sound machine. Perfect for someone with an unlicenced 250, who wants to strip them down & make one perfect licenced bike, with heaps of parts.

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  2. bit steep 45,000 aint it !!! 10 yrs old with ****ed suspension, will give you 30000 for it

  3. Huz

    I think you missed two important words - "with plate"

    FYI, it just cost me 60,000 baht for the plate for a 900cc. It would be a minimum of 30,000 baht to register a 250cc.

    If you ever want to cross borders or ride down south, you will need a legally registered bike.

  4. Hi. davidfl,

    I am from japan but will buy XR or XLR in thailand.
    I am interested in yours. May I have some picture of your bike?
    I am appreciated if you sent some picture to below address.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    thanks & regards,
  5. Hi David, Can you E-mail me a phone contact? I would like to see the XLR you are selling. Thanks John
  6. John / Joe
    Left a message on your phone.
    The bike is still for sale, & parked at a motorcycle shop in Chiang Mai.
    I'm real busy at the moment, going to Luang Prabang on Friday, back Tuesday, then going to Chiang Khong & Huay Sai on Thursday, for a few days.
    I can meet you next Wednesday 15th, if you like. If not, it will have to be after I come back from Huay Sai, say Monday the 20th October.

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  7. Dear David,

    Thank you for photo sending.
    I feel your bike must be pretty good,
    would like to have it ride.
    If your bike will be still available for
    sale till december this year.
    because I am going to visit thailand on december.

    thanks & best regards
  8. Bike's been sold to Joe from Pattaya.

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  9. Found another one with licence plate for sale @ 45,000 baht.
    Available after the 20th November if anyone is interested.

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  10. Hey, looking to buy the bike you described. Wuold like to check it out. I'm in Thailand right now. I'm in Ko Phi Phi right now, but am leaving for either Bangkok, or Ko Samui tomorrow. Where are you? My e-mail is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  11. Capt Tim
    Both me & the bike are in Chiang mai.
    Pls check in with me when you get to Cnx & we will see what we can do for ya.
    The bike's parked 30 kms out of town at a mate's place, but once you get to Cnx can set something up if you are still in the market & interested.

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