honda xr with papers for sale

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  1. i'm goin to laos en cambodja leaving chiang mai on friday.. i will go 2weeks laos en 2 weeks cambodja. after i want to sell my bike
    it is registerd in my name and i can change into yours aswell
    for more info please call 070510179
    it's a x(l)r from '89
    one big front light
  2. I'll call you tomorrow morning to chat about the bike. Is it plated or just import papers?
  3. its plated.. and thanx for the call!!!!
  4. Hello,
    Is it still for sale and what's you're price?
  5. sure its still for sale!!! on monday i go to laos for two weeks, maybe three..and after i will sell it from chiang mai or bangkok
    i changed the chain and front cog wheel
    distribution chain.. a cog wheel in the engine
    the price is 55.000 bath
    you can still call tomorrow.. i will post when i'm back in thailand
    greets bob
  6. i'm coming back to thailand on the 17th..
    If somebody is stil interested, please let me know!
    I can drive the bike where you want.
    i have a number plate, the green book and insurance in my name.
    if no interest, maybe i drive to cambodja or south thailand.
  7. Hi Bob,

    Do you still have the bike and is it still 4 sale?


  8. hi bob

    i live in loei, north east thailand, and i'm very interested in the bike if you've still got it. you can call me on 050082097. cheers kym
  9. This is a good deal, I really hope you guys change your mind. :) I'd love to get my hands on this. Bob, if you don't sell it contact me, I will definately be able to take it off your hands. 072357877 (Khon Kaen)

    Kind regards
  10. Hi SiFuh, I had no reply from Bob both phone and notice board, same with kym. Hope all's ok with him.

    I found myself a 2003 XR which should do the job.

    Happy hunting!


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