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  1. Set of superb gold with red hubs xr or crm 17" supermoto wheels with discs ( 320mm front ) red hubs,and good tyres, 30000 baht ,these have not been used since full rebuild with new spokes/bearings/seals etc, please email for pics as i still havent worked out how to add pictures on this forum ,. !
  2. fuck photo's I placed the website URL to link to my photo on facebook
    gt-rider/moderator organise youselves, join the 21st century and give tool to do the job
    obviously beyond me, mike and a raft of others
    it should be achievable for web builders in between looking out of window and coffee breaks
  3. Duh. Photos?

    Look under New Users ... s-f14.html

    See the topic

    Adding Pictures - Help. ... t1167.html

    Read it!

    This is indeed the 21st Century & I'm a bit of a dinosaur, but I can read.
  4. still cann't see Mikes photo's
    David - I am able to read ( just) reading and then implimenting that, may not achieve the result, do I need to give examples - i thick not
    Ok will continue to try.
    I hope this has helped other people also
    Any comments
    Fire away
  5. Well all i can say is ill admit im not much cop on a pc, however i am also a member of baht and sold and tha visa and can add pics on both of them with no problem,. :(

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