honda xr250+ extras for sale,bike now sold!!!!!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by mja34, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. mja34

    mja34 Ol'Timer

    now should i store it or sell her :roll:
    after falling off a bank last week and putting a fracture in my shoulder i will be in tuk tuk etc for 8 weeks plus i am told!
    parting with this litle lovely
    honda xr250, 2003 model,standard in colour etc, has a rack and aftermarket pipe!,just about to put on new tax/insurance, has a legit green book and plate, serviced every 2000k,i have had it from 5600k and its now showing just under 10000k,good tyres and spare set of standard dunlops. reciepts for all servicing , 2 sets of honda keys! has been 100% reliable apart from broken clutch cable . this i a wicked litle number and will only let her go if someone offers around 160,000baht.
    pics to follow, just need a mate to pop over and push her out for pic!!
    bikes in chiang mai
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  3. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    And after three months in tuk-tuk from now, Marcus will regret his lovely XR 250...


    Store it, don't sell it!
    Or only decide after these next 8 or 10 weeks...



  4. kafetroll

    kafetroll New Member

    How much are those brand new Kawasaki KLX250's with the factory warranty again?

    Why would someone pay 160+ when they can have a brand new bike for less?
  5. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    gobs is right hold fire & don't make a hasty shoulder-wrenching decision before selling too soon.


    On face-value it would seem a no-brainer - a newly waranteed Kwacker versus a 5 yr-old [albeit low mileage] XR.
    That is until you ride them back-to-back and the KLX appears gutless in comparison.
    Tho the Troll above may have additional information & personal experience.. :?:
    Unlike those optimists in a companion thread, I would not hold my breadth for an EFI XR in '09,
    tho Yamaha were mulling over bringing their 250 in but at a price almost double that of the Kawasaki.
    There are a number of riders working on giving the KLX more oomph -
    but this is still a gray area and most probably will have warranty issues.
    Especially if they do a B&T number and increase cubic capacity.


    M heal fast and hopefully you will be back enjoying the bike you have invested so much effort, time & money in.
    Last week certainly inflicted high collateral damage upon the CNX GTR clan!
  6. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    I know how you feel - I also have a '03 250 with less than 10K km on the clock which does all I need for me, but it doesn't have tabien so I don't want to ride it on a daily basis. Love that bike but can't ride it! Then I had the same idea you had - if someone offers more than its market value and pays the (too high) price of what it's worth to me, I'd sell it. Of course nobody did. So in the end I still have it, and I'm glad I do!
  7. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    have you ridden one off-road yet????

    they suck thats why someone would pay the extra money for a very competent, strong xr.

    you'll need that warranty aswell the way the klx's fall apart!
  8. jimoi

    jimoi Ol'Timer

    toughen the fuuck up. You fell off a bank and these days banks are falling off themselves. Sit tight for 2 months and ride again. Tell you what, I'll store it for you in Vientiane until you are fit to ride again.
  9. mja34

    mja34 Ol'Timer

    wow,always forget how posts can wind peaple up !!
    for the chappi who thinks a klx is better value, i wish him luck and hope he gets lots of fun out of one!
    i bought the xr from st motorbikes in chiang rai at over the odds price!, i am glad i payed the extra as it does all that is asked of it!,plus for all those out there who try all these bikes out back to back i think they will agree with me in saying it might be a old desighn of a bike!, but they are put together well, can be fixed by thai mechanics if they go wrong, plenty of parts available,and i guess i better keep it!.
  10. KZ

    KZ Ol'Timer

    Of course the XR is the better bike, the Honda has the stronger engine and some goodies like upside down fork aso. If you're willing to pay for that, go ahead. But where to stop? Why not get a KTM which is even better and even more expensive? Or an Aprilia 450 V-Twin? Fact is, for 150K you get a damn decent bike from Kawasaki, without the bells and whistles, which may even be more than some can handle. Read the "First Ride" article written by professional bike testers, who wrote: "The KLX250S might not be the biggest or baddest off-road bike to come out of the Kawasaki camp but it will go farther than most riders will be willing to go." ... -Ride.aspx
    Remember: A good shooter hits the target even with a cheap rifle...
  11. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Spot On KZ :wink: You took the Words out of My Mouth. Everyone can Waffle on all they like depending on What You Favorite Bike is, More Power Blah Blah. I Like Yamaha but they Have Nothing Available for now. So I would Rather Have a New Kawasaki with a Warranty and a Legit Plate versus an Old Faster Dodgy Booked XR. Plus I get the Bonus of Spare Parts Availability and Cheap Prices etc etc. I.E. I just replaced the Headlight broken by a Stone, 525 Baht and Had the Shock replaced under Warranty. Don't forget given the Variation in Riders Weights and their Abilities, Does it make that much difference??? I could Ride a New CRF250X and Mark Rossi aka "Happy Feet" would Still Piss on me if He Rode a KLX!!! :shock:
    Wow what a Difficult Choice??? :roll:
  12. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    yep, point taken guys, but the guy is questioning why anyone would go for an xr when it is more expensive. yes? people gave answers, xr's a better off road bike etc,after sales service here, better engine there, lovely green colour etc etc. everones entitled to their opinion and i was only trying to reason why the bike is a little more expensive.
    if he thinks the klx is much better value then maybe he should go to the dealership and buy one instead of looking at second hand xr's for sale on an internet site and calling them too expensive.

    yes it doesnt matter what bike you are on, if your fast your fast , slow your slow, only have to watch supercups race to know that!!

    now how about if we put rossi on a klx110 and strapped peg-leg sallows on the pillion. i reckon another mae hong son wacky race could be in line!
  13. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    How right it is, Ian and AK47!

    I remember about 25/27 years ago I often competed in some provincial motorcycle trial championships (this so british motorcycle sport) in the west of France. I rode a 5 or 6 year old Montesa Cota, and never won anything always ending far away from the best ones, if not disqualified (but what a great fun it was!)...
    Some guys came to compete with brand shiny new bikes (Suzuki Mike Andrews replica, Bultaco Sherpa, Honda or Fantic...) and wore bright gears looking like the ones of some international factory teams...
    But the winner of many, many cups? Well, he just piloted a 10 or 12 y.o. half broken Bultaco Sherpa and wore torn pull-over and blue-jeans, garden rubber boots and gloves... Nothing "special", "racing" or "at the top"... but he did have THE art, THE feeling and THE knowledge of piloting! He truly was a champion, above all the others (one of whom I was...) and he amazed me by what he was able to do with his old Bultaco and garden boots: incredible and "beautiful"...

    So, yes, before get the "best" bike, you must get the right art. And it's not given to every body... Then, XR 250 or KLR 250? No matter: it's first your ability to pilot that makes THE difference!


    PS: but, sure, I do like better THE XR 250 :lol: I have one :wink:
  14. mja34

    mja34 Ol'Timer

    just for the record! yes my bike is older and maybe faster than the klxs but i payed top dollar for it and its a 100% pucka plate not a recycled book thanks
  15. phlegm2

    phlegm2 Member

    Anyone have a manual for the xr?
  16. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Good idea!
    So same phlegm2,

    If a service manual is lying around somewhere (or a copy)... I'm interested.

  17. mja34

    mja34 Ol'Timer

    well the shoulder is on the mend but the xr is getting litle use, so its back up for sale, will be posting picks up around chiang mai! ,if all the guys with negative comments could hold off would help thanks. the price is 160000b, please call me for further details 0811629504.,ohh will throw in a black air flow jacket,moto x boots size 10 and a set of nearly new dunlop tyres. .marcus

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