Hongsa Elephant Festival 17/18 february

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  1. do not miss it !!!!! 17 and 18 february next month !

    we will be at least 9 bikes leaving Luang prabang on 16th through the vertiginous trail LPHongsa.......

    for infos go to ...www.elefantasia.org

    see you

    jean louis
  2. Jean Louis
    See you there, coming from Chiang Mai via Houei Xai.
    Boat Houei Xai to Pak Beng.
    Overnight Pak Beng.
    Boat Pak Beng to Tha Xouang & 2 hr ride to Hongsa.
    Overnight in Hongsa for the festival 2-3 nights, then ride out via Hongsa / Muang Neun to Huay Kon & Thailand approval depending..
  3. I recently read about the Elephant Festival...and am hoping that I've enough time to do some tourism thing along the way and still ride to the festival by the 17th or 18th. I'll cross into Laos from Cambo on maybe Feb 7th. OF course it all depends on how well my training wheels hold up ;-)
  4. Hello JL!
    I have aFrenchman friend, Philip Coste. (RED CROSS person) who sent me photos on the last Hongsa Elephant event. Like you he live snad works around VTE. By any chance do you know him?
  5. Of course I know him !

    do not miss this event !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    see you there

    jean louis

  6. Do I sence some jean & suzi action in cambo, those elephants can do that to you...Scott
  7. JL, I can't make it this year. Already booked ticket to Phnom Penh. Do send Philip my regards. Laugh. Cedric said he's in sweet on some Chinese damsel. Hope it all works out. The Hongsa is an annual thing right? Perhaps next year...
  8. Jean Louis I booked with Philippe on the helicopter ride. i'm not sure if you are the same person. Please advise. BTW my wife is flying.. while I will be stuck in VTE. life sucks.....
    If you are one in the same we should get out and ride with KR.

  9. Craypot,
    Linda from the US Embassy said that the WIG ladies are flying by heli, I think. Wish I could be in 2 places at once. Have fun all! I don't know all the Mikes in VTE but I wonder if I have ever seen you? or your wife? Monument Bookstore in VTe was opened by Exxotissimo. right?
  10. Thanks for the tip, I would arrive at Vientiane on 16 Feb. I wonder if I reach Hongsa in 1 day.
  11. Only if you can get on the helicopter, otherwise a 2-3 day ride.
  12. Argh, maybe I will just go for the 2nd day of the festival. I understand that it takes around 5 hours to ride from Luang Prabang to Hongsa via Xayaboury. According to the GT-Rider map, there is another road from Xiang Maen to Hongsa. Is it a better alternative?
  13. Reconns,

    Contact Jean Louis from the Papaya Spa as I understand that they will travel in a small group on bikes from Luang Phrabang via Xiang Maen to Hongsa so you probably can tag along.
  14. If you really push it you could make it in a day. but luck would need to be on your side.
    Head from Vientiane to Xanacham (spelt wrong but the town in Vientiane Province on the Mekhong just before the river heads away from the Lao-Thai border. Either go along the river (knarly road) or up to HinHoeup (Rte13) and then back south again, the first part of the dirt road heading south was very rocky when I last tried it a year or so ago.
    Cross over the mountain range on the new bitumen road.
    Cross the Mekhong river by ferry to Paklai. (depending on how well you did you might need to overnight here)
    Ride to Hongsa.
    It probably is at least a day and a half.

  15. Auke,
    I assume they are leaving Luang Prabang on the morning of 16 Feb. I wouldn't be able to reach them in time.

    I will take note of this alternative. But I am more inclined to the Luang Prabang route. Hopefully, I can make it to Luang Prabang on 16 Feb. Then an early start on 17 Feb will see me at Hongsa before noon.
  16. Hello everybody,

    just for information...it was some shooting on the LP road between lao army people and Mongs with dead casaulties around Vangvieng which was under night curfew.

    I do not know more but it seems that now the situation is under control.
    Anyway, if you want a nice ride, take west along side the Mekong untill Sanakham when you reach this place, just at the entrance tou will find an old Bailey steel bridge, Take right and go full north until you will find on your left side few kilometers ahead the new EU road which ends to the mekong opposite Paklay. Cross with ferry then full north to Sayabouri and Hongsa.

    To do it in one day....if you leave at five in the morning could be done safely but you will a full treatment package on the way back at Papaya Spa....

    We will be many bikes...MANY, A LOT !!! leaving on 16 th morning to Hongsa.

    See you there

    jean louis

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