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  1. One of the most annoying tasks on the road is oiling the chain. I get oil everywhere and risk dropping the bike while I try to apply oil evenly over the length of the chain. I didn’t want to over capitalize on the Phantom with a fancy automatic one so I devised this simple oiler which I carry with a small bottle of SAE 90 gear oil in a plastic bag inside a cloth bag on the bike. I use a small printer ink plastic bottle.
    Core-flute board about 14cm square. (Plenty around after the elections)
    Brake fluid reservoir aftermarket for small bike. 80B
    Hose. From oiler to chain. 20B
    Guide for hose.
    Glue and screw.
    Just make it to fit over the rear suspension frame with the hose resting on the chain. A slit needs to be made to get it over the frame. Mount the reservoir high and sideways on the core-flute with a clear run for the oil
    To Use.
    Slip the oiler on the frame, clear a path to push the bike, fill the reservoir with oil and then push the bike slowly for about a minute until the reservoir is empty. You could ride it if you want or just go in a circle but you need to have each link pass under the oiler a couple of times. Pushing backwards probably works better. When the oil has drained take the oiler off clean up, put it away in its plastic bag and it’s ready for next time.
    Photo’s 1 & 2 mounted on the bike. 3 Dimensions

    I know it won’t replace the Scott or other fancy automatic oilers but it works for me. If you have a centre stand of course you don't need this.
  2. noice... Ingenious even...

  3. Brill.

    its always the simplest solution that is best. Just wondering if I can find a permanent place for one to avoid the packing / unpacking. Just pour in the oil. Carry the oil in a small screw top plastic bottle and.......

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