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  1. Hi there,
    here I will offer a raely nice Custombike, the base is a Honda Steed 400cc. The Bike have a original Honda Pro-Arm swing with 200er reartire and inside Discbrake. I use only best parts in stainless Steel Quality and the Bike is in good Condition. It drives well and reliable, I make long trips already and never get any problems. The Bike have green Book and number from Udon Thani, the Bike stay there also...
    The price is 365.000 THB, and it is a fair price, because it was a lot work to built it and I use only good and expensive parts from Germany.



  2. You are not excactly giving it away are you.
  3. Hi Friend,

    Your bike looks really wonderfull, Bravo for the realisation.

    I have difficulties to recognise the rear arm and wheel, I would say from a Ducati but could you describe it ?

    Is it confortable for long rides ?

    It would very difficult for you to separate from it, I do imagine the time and passion you invest in it.
  4. Hallo,
    the Swingarm is from a VFR and it still drives comfortible. Normaly when I make a trip I drive arround 300 km per day and I still feel well.
    Maybe it´s difficult to seperat from it, but now my second Bike is finish, so I will have one Bike not in use. To pity...
    By the way, this is the reason for sale the Honda:
    Maybe a start a new Project if I sell the Honda :D :D :D
    So long
  5. Hi Tom,

    thanks for the reply, your style is purely fantastic, wonderfull, fabulous, no word to describe it... I simply love it !

    In order to be sure to understand, do you create it, and realise it whole in Thailand ?

    How do you do for the Green Book (if any) ?

    Do you find enough parts and specialists to realise good chroming and a tailor made alloy parts ?

    Again congratulations, please go on with it, as we say "Plaisir des Yeux" !
  6. Hallo Azoulay,
    for both bike we make the green Book first and than I start to change everything, for the Honda it was not so difficult, but for the Harley it was terrible.
    First I buy a second Hand original Harley Davidson Haritage in Japan and bring it to Thailand, then I change the paper to the green Book.
    After that I start the Project with a new frame, only the machine is from the original Bike. All the rest is handmade or the parts from Amerika and Germany.
    Maybe now it sounds easy, but in real it was very very difficult.
    It was long and hard story, but now I´m proud of the result...
    So long
  7. Hallo Tom,

    your bike looks fantastic!

  8. thats exactly what i need for my trackdays at nakhon chaisri
  9. Hi Fabrice,

    Don't hesitate for the bike, it' s really a state of art and watching my previous post you can imagine what an artist like Tom could feel to separate his "baby"....

    A great realisation, again bravo Tom !

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