How difficult is it to find riding buddies?

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  1. Looking to ride N.thailand/laos in oct-dec. How hard is it to find people to ride with. Would prefer not to ride alone if I could help it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Am very interested in joining you for this ride....Where are you planning on going and from where?

    I live in Buriram Thailand but always looking for a ride...I'm a Retired U.S. Marine but a heck of a nice person I think..

    Let me know soonest...

    KHUNDAN Sends

  3. It is not hard to find people to ride with. BUT - you have to tell them your plans, so they will know if their type of riding is compatible with yours.

    You list no information at all on your profile. The only thing that could be assumed is that you might have some experience on a KLR650 - since that is your sign in name.

    How much riding experience do you have? Is it on street or dirt?
    What kind of riding are you coming to Thailand for? Is this your first trip to Thailand? Are you riding in, or coming in and renting a bike? What size and kind of bike?

    Are you planning one long trip through the area, or do you plan to base somewhere and do loops? What are the actual dates of the trip?

    Have you read the trip info on this site, and picked any that you are interested in? How much distance do you plan to do?

    Have you contacted any of the other people on this message board who are looking for riding partners? Here are a couple recent ones: ... OPIC_ID=11 ... OPIC_ID=11

    There are lots of bikers that come to the area during that time. But they range from round-the-world travelers to beginners on rented scooters. All of them have their own idea of what motorcycling is. You should try to find a riding partner whose plans match your own.


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