how many cc's fork oil wave in 125r

Discussion in 'Technical' started by waverider, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. I am about to put some progressive fork springs in my honda wave 125R and i would like to know how many cc's I should use. Seals are leaking already for a long time so I can not use the amount of old oil as a basis for calculation.
  2. the mechanic told me 70ml per fork so will do that
  3. My 7 year old Wave has had a busy life, and I too would like some new springs - and better than the standard, as I don't think the Wave was built for an 85 kilo rider and 50 kilo passenger (+ shopping!). What did you get? Where did you get them, and for how much? And most importantly, how are you finding them?
  4. According to my Haynes Manual the ANF125 Innova takes 70.5 to 72.5 ml of 10W fork oil per leg
    And it quotes the Fork oil level 76mm I am sure the Wave is the same.

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