How much customizing are you allowed to do on a bike?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Furryman, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. I have been inspired by some photos of stripped down scooters, plastics removed, custom seats etc. and I am hoping to do something like that with a PCX.

    My first question, of probably many, is if I'd be allowed to do such customizing and still keep it legally registered? I have heard you are supposed to update your registration information even after a paint color change.

    This is one of the photos that have inspired me.

  2. Haha, great pic, especially the dog! :mrgreen:

    TiT, what's the most you'd have to pay a copper if they take issue with your custom bike? Illegal exhaust can cost you 1000 baht, but if it's just cosmetic mods and you still have street legal mirrors and lights I doubt the coppers would care. Judging from the customized scooters I see here in Bangkok I'd hazard a guess that it's not a big deal.

    The 5 year vehicle inspection is a joke. If my Gixxer can pass anything can! ;)

    Happy Trails!

  3. It is all a bit of a joke. I have been stopped ... Lost count the
    number of times now in the last 3 weeks. I have a race expansion chamber and tale pipe + no mirrors no brake light or tale light they are there just can not get them to work. They never seem to look over the bike just check my passport.
    And i have passed inspection for tax again last week with the bike the way it is.
    I have given up tiring to work it all out and just go with the flow.
  4. OK, cool. It's a long term project. One I probably won't dig into for a while, need a place to live where I can set up some sort of shop first. But I did not want to waste time dreaming about a project that was never going to be able to be legal in in the end.
  5. I forgot to say I have full off road nobbies Dunlop MX51's says right on them not for road use ...: you have to love Thailand.

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