How much does a shoddy mechninc cost

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ray23, May 5, 2012.

  1. ray23

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    Went to a machanic that a friend had, had good luck with. He got in over his head with mine, had a leaky head gasket off. He was convienced he could make one WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

    He wanted to do a valve job, while he had the head off. Not a bad is idea,so I said go ahead. That was 3K. Next thing I know he is asking for 3K more to buy piston rings. Mind you the bike was running good, running hot that could have easily been the head gasket.

    Piston rings no permision on that so I went out and checked he had the pistons out. I went right through the roof on that. Told to him to put the bike together, so I could take it to a different shop.

    Got out to pick the bike up one cylinder wasn't firing at all. I told him I said to make the bike like it was. He said it was like it was before. Guess I have been in Thailand to long didn't punch his running lights out. Just careful and took the bike home. His answer was to pull out the crank shaft. No way in hell was I going to let this guy do anything

    Wow only cost me 9,000 baht or did it.

    The guy had installed the valves wrong, dented the tops of the piston, bent the new valves that had been put in. Broke crank case balancers on the crank shaft. The result a complete over haul of the engine, You guys may remeber I just rebuilt this bike two years ago. and I had a long thread on here about it.

    Went to another shop, where a friend actively supervises work as hobby.

    This is just the start tearing everything down to find the damage and get a parts list



    This is the shop wher the bike is now loacted on Nong Khai Hwy just past the PTT gas station and before the Nong Som Rong turn off.


    Scary he actualy uses the shop manual I have and he owns torque wrenchs.

    We have the parts list now and are ordering parts from Japan through Red Baron in Bangkok. I usually bikebandit in the states they have all the parts for my bike. I'm hoping shipping will be less and maybe I will slide by on the 20% tax


    so waht does a shoddy mechanic cost 9,000 baht and counting
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  3. Sharktooth

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    The original mechanic was recommended by a friend? Isn't it funny how mates never admit to buying or owning the wrong piece of gear, bike etc, or using the wrong service, no matter how sh*t either of it is?

    9,900 baht and counting, not to mention the grief you have had to go through and your bike is still in bits. Commiserations man.
  4. ray23

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    The mechanic in the photo turns out work like this a 750CC Honda rebuilt from the frame up all new engine parts it is sweet. The bike belongs to a friend he guy who does the supervising. The bike is for sale at 200K with a book. Six speed trans, to much bike for me I would kill myself on it.


    Hoping my bike comes out as nice.
  5. Dougal

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    A shoddy mechanic will cost you as much as you let him charge/con you.

    A good reminder Ray and sorry you were the victim in this one.
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    Makes me think of the time I once had some problems with my Yamaha XT250x .... the first shop said it were the valves and he wanted to adjust the valves but he did not know to what (he would do it just by sound). Another shop (off-road specialist) had look and said "Engine too complicated and I do not have the tools you better go to Red Baron in Bangkok". That was the best mechanic I ever saw in Pattaya.

    Chang Noi
  7. ray23

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    Guys I'm having problems finding parts for this. In my shop manual they are called crank case balancers.

    They are hard black rubber or plastic device that slips over the studs on the larger part. I believe they run the cam shaft gears ( not sure) is there another name for them?

    I usually have no problem sources parts from I can't find it on there. It;s in america so you have shipping and 20% tax to deal with. But, they have proved very reliable in the past.

    I was going to use Red Baron, But, they don't return calls or e-mails. They would have ordered out of Japan.

    Any ideas guys ? Ifound everything except this one part.
  8. ray23

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