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  1. Hi guys.

    Great forum, I've spent the last few hours reading various posts.

    I m hatching together a plan for a 5 day ish ride form 1st sept. I'm in bkk on business and then thinking of flying up to Chiang mai.
    I live in dubai and mainly ride in the desert, so a tropical road ride sounds fantastic.

    So question, is 1st week of sept likely to be too wet, or is it just a bit of rain in the afternoon and the rest of the day is probably ok?


  2. August & September are the wettest months!
    So, bring a raincoat....some days you'll get rained upon, some days not...
    Just enjoy the scenery, the people and the roads..and no sandy deserts!
  3. Normally September has the most rainy days and highest rainfall of any month. However it is normal that many days have no rain until late after noon or evening. Also one has to say that the weather has not always followed predictable patterns in the last couple of seasons and no one can yet tell you if early September is going to be wetter or drier than normal. Forecast is quite reliable for about 3 days ahead. I still enjoy my September rides, sometimes I get wet, but it is still warm/hot in September, so getting wet not really a problem
  4. Thanks guys.... Now just got to get the idea passed the missus.

  5. Just watch out for more damaged roads , mudslides and debri and you will be ok just shelter when worst rain is upon you as that far too dangerous to ride in, no visibility and maniac thais trucks not slowing down etc
  6. See if this is a help

  7. That does help... Thanks


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