How to appreciation of Life

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  1. Scanning some BS email about 50 ways to appreciate life I stumbled on this gem. It seems to epitomize the psyche of this forum.
    My sincere commiserations to anyone who hasn't done this and sympathy for anyone who doesn’t understand.

    Sit by a river. -- With a beer, on an Arctic Cat.[8D]
  2. On an ARCTIC CAT? That means snow and ice. No thanks.

    On any motorcycle, bicycle, watercraft,....Oh OK, even a snowmobile, sounds perfect.
  3. Thanks for your sympathy.
  4. Oh OK.
    Sit by the Mekong. -- With a beer, on a TDM

    But the Arctic Cat has more of an exploring, lonesome , wildeness feel to it and you probably noticed in your previous home that below 0C there is more blue sky and sunshine "up north"
  5. Let's just say that I agree the pysche is the same, as you suggest, and that's not a bad thing at all.

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