how to hotrod CBR-150

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  1. I just bought a CBR-150 to use as a super scooter but I cannot just leave well enough alone and have an urgent need to hop it up.

    Air in and out is clear enough, and pipe, carb, and air filter is on the list.

    Is there any appreciable seat of the pants gain in an ignition box and coil on these little bikes?
    Goodridge wants to sell me a box and coil/plug combo at 9000 b and I wonder if it is worth it?
  2. super little machines
  3. Yes, great machines for the money! I'm riding my second CBR and I'm always amazed what this little thing can do, right out of the box. 2.9L/100km is almost as good as a Honda Wave 125 (2.3L/100km) but this bike rocks! Last time I hunkered down behind the little screen the bike went 150km/h at 10500 rpm - my VTR250 barely makes that; well, it's no CBR!
    I think the best bet to hop it up would be the 170cc "big" bore kit, but I'd leave well enough alone.
  4. I don't care at all about fuel use, and just want a bit more power.
    Any experience in the group about hotrodding these little bikes.
  5. Where are you? Matt did a drag bike motor once. He MAY be persuaded to hop up another? But sometimes he says derogatory things about them. :)
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  7. If you beef up the engine, you need better suspension at both ends, plus bigger rims and tires. All possible, but at what expense?
  8. It's all about power/weight ratio with a smaller engined bike so if you are a big bloke, go on a diet :lol:


  9. Agreed. I sometimes enjoy riding a Honda Wave / Dream & having a go with the young Thai guys around the moat. I can nearly always do them in the corners, but in a drag in the straights I'm history everytime - by by by fat farang :!:
  10. If you want to get the most out of your CBR 150, stick some good rubber on it, beef up the suspension, and ride it on the rev limiter, "works for me" or you could check this site out
  11. Jon
    The more I ride it the more I am coming round to suspension, and rubber. Just can't let go of the carb and pipe idea though.

    The fork could be improved, or perhaps I could shrink to 55 kg. Thai size. I see upside down forks available in the Thai aftermarket, but is this just bling or are they really any better? Do the likes of YSS make cartridge valves and springs?
    What did you do here?

    What if any rear shock mods?

  12. The after market upside down forks are more show than go, what i did which made an improvement was to pre load the springs 20mm and put a heavier fork oil and increased the oil level by 10ml. The rear shock can be replaced by an after market shock that they sell in Chiangmoi Rd for 2,800 Baht at the shop that has all the hot up gear for the Yamaha Mios, pretty trick shock it has compression and recoil dampening so you can dial it in right, for tyres i run a Michelin M/C52S on the back which you can get also in Chiangmoi Rd but at the first bike shop with all the helmets out the front for 1,200 baht and on the front i use a Vee rubber circuit competition which i got from Natt at Piston shop. Having your bike handle better gives you the comfidence to ride and corner faster so unless your looking for straight line top speed i wouldnt bother with tricking up the motor, but it also would be nice to have a bit more punch on the exits.
  13. Is anybody interested in a CBR 150 frame? My bike was stolen and the frame was recovered by the police, I had to sign paperwork before I got it back, so it should be legal. For some reason they didn't return the book, so I had the frame sitting behind my house. Sold my second CBR and ride a 250 now. Make me an offer!

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