Hua Hin Bike Week - Video!

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  1. first link not working....good report though
  2. Hi Friends,

    Does anyone know a good bike shop around Cha/Am // Hua Hin ?

    Does anyone would recommand a big bike mechanic ?

    Thanks by advance for your answer. Have a Very happy X'MAs !
  3. Hi, there is a good one. A little bit ouside of HH mainroad , On the way to PaLaU waterfalls. Crossing the railways, than around 2 Km. But inside the city area. Right hand in a town house. Not so difficult to find. Ask some other biker. Headstones knows all.

    Good luck

    Eddy, SRT
  4. You're probably talking about CP Bike Shop, the only big bike shop in town. Road to Pala-U, you'll see about ten bikes parked in the street, right side, can't miss it. The only other shop is a Harley "club" with repair shop. I've never used the shops so I can't tell the quality of work, but since it's the only choice check them out and let us know!

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