Huai Tung Thao Entrance Fee?

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  1. I went for a ride the other day up Doi Suthep and down the back side into Huai Tung Thao. I have done this ride a number of times from either direction as well as just spending time at the reservoir and have never been charged or even seen anyone there to collect money. This time however there was a gentleman waiting at the gate. He called me over and said there was a 20 Baht entrance fee for tourists. I told him I was not going to the reservoir and that I was just coming back from a ride and returning to Chiang Mai. He kept insisting that I pay 20 Baht to enter, because I was a tourist. I told him I was not a tourist and very politely (the whole conversation was very polite) asked him when this policy started. At this point he said 20 Baht for tourists again, and when I pushed the question, he said I could pass for free. I'm not that cheap that I am worried about 20 Baht, I was just trying to get information about the policy but I was more than happy to let him waive the fee.

    Has anyone else been charged at Huai Tung Thao? Have I just been really lucky all these times and not been seen or ticketed? Seems strange to be charging for admission coming out of the park.
  2. I have been charged the 20 baht fee going into the park a couple of times. It has usually been on the weekends, and it looked like they were stopping everybody at the toll booth, not just western "tourists". The first time must have been close to a year ago, so the fee has been around at least that long. I have never been charge coming out of the park, that seems a little excessive.
  3. Cheers, I guess I have just been lucky all this time. One of those hit or miss kind of systems where they are there sometimes but not others. Oh well not a big deal, just go back up the way I came if they stop me from now on. :lol:
  4. Hit and miss when coming from the hill side would be about right. Several times on the motorbike and visor down I was not stopped. But our group of 4 Farang who'd songthaew'd to the Palace with our mountains bikes were stopped and charged at the gate house. I didn't want to pay, but a visiting Canadian thought I was awfully cheap to worry about 80 Baht. So he paid, and to ease the ribbing about being me being cheap I bought a round of beers when we returned to my truck.

    Kind of got the impression that if a farang comes out that wasn't seen driving in they might try and collect a fare.
  5. I've always been charged going into the park but never checked coming out. Not surprising to see that different people have had different experiences though, is it?

    In any case, even though you weren't visiting the reservoir (which the guard would've just had to take your word on), I think you weren't quite right in claiming that you're not a tourist. Unless you live or work somewhere in or past the park, you are a tourist. The Thai phrase, something like 'nak tong tiaew' covers anybody who's just out for a holiday, not only foreigners or out-of-towners. By your own admission you were out for a ride, so for the day at least, you were a tourist and that's why guard insisted you pay. At least til he gave up!
  6. Fair enough. I just don't really see myself as a tourist anymore. I have lived and worked here for six years now so I feel some self righteousness in claiming that I am not a tourist. :lol:

    I get Thai prices in most out of the way locations because I tell them I am not a tourist. I don't particularly like the two tier fee structure for Thais and foreigners (I know that is not the case here) and I am more than happy to tell them I am not a tourist in these cases. As for entrance to an area where everyone has to pay, I am more than happy to pay the same fee that everyone else does, I think the guard was just being nice because he really did get the feeling that I was just passing through and not stopping.

    Seriously though, I didn't press the matter that hard I was only trying to determine when the fee structure came into play when he dropped the charge for me. I think more because I was very friendly and non confrontational that the guard let me pass than because of the line of questioning.
  7. last 3 times were the only times I've been charged coming in from the mountain side(all this week).
    theres a guy by the hut on the tarmac road.
    But when I came back in the nomal way later in the day, the ticketmen didn;t seem to recognise the receipt I;d been given, and wanted to charge me again, but then let me through anyway

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