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    The "Lost Tour Group" from Sepon is planning for the next trip in early December. This time to my old stomping grounds in Huaphan. Worked there 2002 - 2004.

    Has anyone travelled from Xamnua north towards Paty and then worked their way back onto the Route 1C between Viengthong - Nambak. I know where the road from Paty exits on 1 C and have been up part way from Xamnua to Paty but this was restricted area during my time in Huaphan so never went the whole way.

    Next question. Anyone travelled from Xamtai back to Route 6. Normally you'd turn south to Xamtai just before Na Meo border and take the same route back but, there is a road from Xamtai following Xam River's north bank. I have been up that road probably 30 km and was told that the road would eventually exit on Route 6 probably close to Vieng Xai.

    Any info is useful since I have not been back in the area since 2004.

    the Captain
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    hi seterik,
    I was in xamtai last march,great ride, but don t remenber of another road that will take you back near Vieng Say.the road to xamtai is asphated.
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    I've read a bunch about the fight there when Phu Pha Thi went DTT, but this this is one of the more interesitng ones I've seen from "the other" side:

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    Yes - the photos. I have tried but no luck at the time. I'll give it another go when I get back to Vientiane.
    The process as I understand it is to download the pictures to a website like Photobucket etc and link the photo to this site somehow. It's the "somehow" I have problems with.

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