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Huay Nam Dang - Wiang Haeng

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by DavidFL, Dec 10, 2014.

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    On the trail of new asphalt...

    The last time I did this road was on the mighty Honda Wing 125 & it ended up in the Lisu village of Sam Mun, & that was as far as you could go.

    Time for another look and an update for the MHS Lop map, maybe - looking for new asphalt - where has all that rural development money gone you might think?

    The start from the turn off to Huay Nam Dang from R1095.

    it all looks good & promising.

    The first viewpoint is only a couple of kms in & the view isn't really spectacular. Just pretty a guess.

    The Huay Nam Dang Kiew Lom viewpoint & visitor info centre, where it all seemed to be happening for the Selfie of the Year Competition.


    I just enjoyed the view. It was good sucking in that magic clean fresh cool mountain air.

    A km up the road is the Cool Wind Campground

    but neither Silverhawk or I felt inclined to indulge & camp out there in the near future.

    Then onto the dirt almost immediately.

    Still the same old forestry trail

    single lane


    a couple of wheel tracks


    winding through the forest

    Up & down the mountains

    Sometimes concrete on the steeper sections, that were most muddy in the wet

    A Lisu village en route


    The local Lisu power supply

    A bit of dry snot

    The road winds on through the forest


    Its really step at the Wiang Haeng end, & there is a series of concrete switch backs with concreted tracks with deep drop offs to negotiate & hope that you don't meet any oncoming vehicles in that nasty section; as there is no run off. Someone needs to reverse on the steep concrete tracks with deep drop off either side of the concreted tracks. Sorry no photos. :oops:



    Then the road soon opens out into vege gardens


    Thank god for Blue PVC says the gardener

    The concrete road pops up again & you're soon in Wiang Haeng.

    Here's the elevation profile
    Huay Nam Dang - Wiang Haeng = 2 -2.5 hrs driving in good conditions with a few photo stops.
    If you're on a 250 trail bike it is a beautiful forestry trail ride & well worth doing.

    The road basically runs along the ridgeline between R1095 & Wiang Haeng.

    It is well worth checking out. Spectacular forest cover & views.

    Not many people do it & it is a gem of easy trail ride; although you should exercise great care in keeping to your side of the road. The trail is narrow, with no run off & many varied surfaces to make it interesting & require good concentration. There are very few villages or traffic. It is a remote journey - so don't break down or stuff up..

    Combine it with the Wiang Haeng - Pai trail & it could be a nice loop for an off-road day trip from either Pai or Wiang Haeng.

    To spend a night in Wiang Haeng look here
    Piang Luang and Wieng Haeng Accommodation

    To wine & dine in Wiang Haeng
    Wiang Haeng Piang Luang Restaurants

    To enjoy the delights & attractions of Wiang Haeng look here
    Chiang Mai - Wiang Haeng - Piang Luang. On the trail of King Naresuan.

  2. Some pics with motorbikes. From Chiang Dao, Wiang Hang Huay Nam Dang 2 years ago


    Chiang Dao Mae Cha



    Mae Cha – Wiang Hang











    Wiang Hang trail to Huang Nam Dang Nationalpark. Lisu aerea some villages at the trail
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    Clearly quite a few of us have been out that way & it's well worth the trip - see: A Dirty Affair

    There are so many good rides that one can link into the area, both on & off-road, so many different circuits to take of varying difficulty. The area is full of history, offers fantastic views & gives riders the ability to constantly change their options.

    Well worth putting in a little effort over a GTR map to pencil in a CNX & return tour - you will not regret it!
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    Thanks for that one.

    A Dirty Affair

    It's definitely worthy of another plug.

    Thats a great trip for dirt riders alright.

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